Remembering the Friends TV Show

The Friends TV Show featured 6 key cast members all the way through its run. It also had many characters returning all through the 10 seasons. However, before playing their roles on this TV show, the major cast members had already become familiar to most television viewers.

But their earlier appearances didn’t earn them enough recognition to become stars. For the duration of the 10 season run, the entire pack of those actors became household names. Jennifer Aniston portrayed Rachel Green. She’s a devoted fashion enthusiast. She’s also seen as the best friend of Monica Geller from her high school.

Throughout the romantic-comedy series, beautiful Rachel and handsome Ross Geller keep on engaging and disengaging themselves in a hilarious romantic relationship. The very first job of Rachel was of a waitress. She worked at the nearby coffee house around Central Perk. But this charming lady eventually turned into the assistant buyer and eventually a buyer till season 5.

Lisa Kudrow on the other hand plays Phoebe Buffay. This is the most eccentric character in the serial who happens to be masseuse as well as a musician. Phoebe turned homeless when she was just 14. She is also known for her ditzy yet smart looks.

Matt LeBlanc plays Joey Tribbiani. This guy is a stressed out actor and true lover of women. Matt first drew viewers’ attention with his performance in Days of our Lives, where he performed as Drake Ramoray.

But in friends, this Joey looks like a pure womanizer who is literally bathing in women/girlfriends all through the series. However, he also develops a heavy crush on Rachel in the 8th season.

Matthew Perry plays the role of Chandler Bing. His character is a veteran executive specialized in pure statistical analysis or data reconfiguration. He works for a pretty large multi-national company. He gives his job up and turns into a simply junior copywriter who works for a typical ad agency in the season 9.

The main attraction of this character was sheer sense of humor. Many viewers are unaware of the fact that both Aniston and Perry had been experiencing several flop sitcom pilots prior to getting their roles on Friends.

Jennifer Aniston plays the beautiful girl next door character, Rachel Green. This character is a true fashion enthusiast. She’s also the best friend of Monica Geller right from her high school days. What kept viewers entertained is the romantic interplay between Rachel and handsome Ross Geller as was said earlier.

Courteney Cox Arquette plays the role as Monica Geller. She is like the mother hen among the entire gang. She is obsessive-compulsive as well as competitive in nature. She has to face occasional mockery or teasing due to the fact that she was a fat baby in her childhood.

And finally David Schwimmer plays the handsome and “brainy” Ross Geller – who happens to be a paleontologist who works for a museum. His work focused on Prehistoric animal studies and often made him seem like more of a nerdish character than he actually was. Later on Friends he becomes a professor specializing in paleontology. Ross may have been a success in his career but he was often lacking in his love life with 3 failed marriages in a row.

Despite the ending of this series… people keep on remembering it with love and nostalgia.

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