Environmental Management Systems: Forming Your Green Team

Who determines the environmental expertise of all the contractors working on a project? Who tracks construction activities to ensure proper control steps are efficient and in place? Who reviews and enhances method statements for environmental facets before commencing any work? Each and every company, particularly one that handles complex and high-risk projects – like a construction firm, for example, must have distinct tasks and obligations for the main individuals tasked to impose environmental management systems.

In case a company’s organizational chart doesn’t explain each employee’s duties and tasks in the business, ineffectiveness will take place, which is almost certainly followed by chaos. If something bad takes place like grievances from other organizations pertaining to construction noise and vibration, or waste management methods weren’t obeyed, someone either should be responsible for fixing the problem or be held liable for it. Otherwise, such occurrences that hold up work and incur expenses continue to take place. When someone is tasked to handle and look at every facet of the job relevant to your construction company’s environmental impact, everybody works better.

Plan. Do. Check. Act. Each phase in the company’s environmental management system needs the necessary staff to guarantee the project is finished and delivered in line with environmental guidelines and your organization’s own guidelines.

As an example, your project environmental manager is responsible for organizing and running the environmental activities within the construction phase. He develops and evaluates your construction environmental management plan. He monitors construction activities performance and identifies environmental competence and specifications for all of the staff engaged on the project. He does overall monitoring of the programme for environmental works, environmental audit of subcontractors and suppliers, and performs several duties that concern liaising with the client’s environmental manager, the project’s public officer, and the construction team.

In the meantime, your site environmental representative is going to be directly employed in dealing with and coordinating environmental activities on-site. That individual is going to be reporting to your project environmental manager. He will assist the manager in developing and upholding your construction environmental management plan (CEMP). He’ll undertake weekly (or as conveyed in your CEMP) site assessments, decide actions necessary, and identify training needs as well as furnish it when required. He’s going to investigate and settle grievances. He’ll distribute information on waste management operations.

All environmental management systems start with creating or composing your construction company’s guidelines. Such regulations, as identified by ISO 14001, need to be communicated to all the staff and providers to ensure that everyone works in keeping with those rules. Observation, paperwork, and conformity audits – it takes an effective green team to apply the concepts of environmental management. Make sure your team is well-informed and prepared so your construction projects completely gain from adopting a certified EMS.

Each phase of a company’s Environmental Management System requires the necessary personnel to guarantee that the project is finished and delivered based on environmental regulation, as well as the organization’s own rules. Learn more about management systems at Environmental Management Plan.


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