How To Genetic Testing To Develop A Personalized Nutrition Program For Health.

There are more people than ever becoming increasingly overweight and over 59% of the American adults are obese. The mass production and consumption of processed food has led to an increase in cancer, diabetes over 40 million now, osteoporosis over 10 million in America and so on.As an incredible side benefit of a good cleansing program is a noticeable difference in weight loss. Some studies have indicated that the average adult contains between 10 to 15 lbs of compacted fecal matter. One of the benefits of the decrease in fecal matter is even more weight loss. The reason for this is because vital weight loss initiating factors can finally breakthrough the digestive tract and propagate the bodies natural weight management.When the NIH (National Institute of Health) and the pharmaceutical companies (Big Pharma) organized the program to scare all of us out our minds about cholesterol, guess what professionals they had the hardest time convincing. Well I won’t keep you in suspense, it was the DOCTORS! It was 1983.

At the Biamonte Center we develop personalized Nutritional programs of diet and supplementation to meet an individuals needs. The data that we rely on to determine what is needed for the individual is based on a simple concept. “What does the body tell us it wants now and what may the body need in the future based on its genetics”.To determine what the body wants we rely on blood testing, tissue mineral analysis which determines the levels of potential toxic metals like lead, mercury etc and healthful minerals such a iron, zinc, calcium etc and a test called an “Organic acid profile’. Organic acids are wastes that are the result of normal chemical processes in the body. The Organix Profile provides a view into the body’s cellular metabolic processes and the efficiency of metabolic function. Identifying metabolic blocks that can be treated nutritionally allows individual tailoring of interventions that maximize patient responses and lead to improved patient outcomes.

A genome is the total sum of an organism’s DNA, genes and chromosomes. Genomics is the systematic and simultaneous study of multi-gene systems, such as those found in humans. The Genetic testing that we use is a practical application of this understanding of genetics designed to identify areas of the Human Genome that may not be functioning efficiently. The screening and analysis provide us with an improved understanding of your specific body processes and pathways that may not function at their best.In order to determine what the body may want based on its genetics we utilize the Integrative Genomics(TM) DNA screening. The Integrative Genomics(TM) DNA screening starts with a comfortable, easy-to-do mouth swab to collect a DNA specimen. Either you or your healthcare practitioner gently swabs the inside of your cheek, then allows the swab to dry in the drying rack that is included with the collection kit. The dried swab is then placed in a special envelope and sent to the lab for analysis.

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People say that your biceps size is all determined by your genetics. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The shape of your biceps may be influenced by your parents and your genetic code but that is because it is dictated by the length of your muscle bellies and your attachments. The size of your biceps however is always going to be determined by your effort, in and out of the gym.

In this video, I show you the major difference between the influence that genetics can play on your biceps size and shape. By debunking the popular finger test for biceps size potential, I aim to give hope to all those who have been discouraged at one time or another by their failure of that test. I show you that despite what you may perceive to be a poor result on that test, there are things you can do in your training to influence your biceps through effort.

If you aren’t familiar with the biceps finger test it goes like this. People say that in order to determine the ultimate size of your biceps you will want to flex your arm to ninety degrees (as if you are making a muscle for somebody). Place as many fingers as you can in the space just past the end of your biceps and the crook of your elbow. You do not want to let your fingers overlap each other. They should be able to sit side by side comfortably and fill the space.

Rumor has it that if you can fit any more than one single finger in this space, you are doomed to have bad biceps. You simply do not have long enough attachments to either have good looking biceps or a bicep that is of any substantial size or development. If you can fit three fingers in there, it is said that you are even worse off than if you have a two finger fill.

What is actually being determined here is simply the length of your tendon as compared to your muscle belly. A larger spacing is due to the fact that you have shorter muscle bellies. That said, a shorter biceps is capable of developing a shape with a much more prominent peak! This is something that most guys who train their biceps actually seek out. On the other hand, a biceps that allows for a smaller amount of fingers that fit in the groove will represent a larger muscle belly. Here you would find a bicep whose shape is fuller.

That said, again while the width may be more substantial the peak is not. Either way, you are not doomed by the results of your test. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It should look to educate you as to what you may want to focus more on in your biceps workouts and training to help overcome your deficits. Bump up the width of your biceps with more hammer curls and spider curls. Command more of a peak with exercises that hit the long head like the inclined dumbbell curls and curls done with your hands narrow and your elbows close to your sides.

When you are ready to take your arms to the next level, be sure to head to and get either the ATHLEAN-X Training System if you are just starting out or the Ultimate Arms program if you are a seasoned veteran of the gym. You can start building a ripped, athletic body regardless of what you feel is lacking right now.

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Biceps Size Genetics Test (GET YOUR RESULTS!) Biceps Size Genetics Test (GET YOUR RESULTS!)

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