A Reference on Social Relation

A social relation refers to a relationship between two, three or more individuals. Forms of relation and interaction in sociology are said to be as follows: the most basic thing is animal like behavior that is the various movements that takes place in a human body. After this comes the action in which there are meaning and purposes .There are even social behaviors or social action. Social interaction forms the basis of social relation. Symbols define social relation. Without symbols social life would have been nothing better than an animal.

Sociology has been often term as the science of “Social Relation”. In early times there were few philosophers who were against the thought of “Relation” or “Social Relation”. Later there were many books which were published, in which the topics that was covered, proves the concepts of social relations is vital in social science production. But instead of these the thing which went missing was the very concepts of Social Relation.

While dealing with social relation there are problems of conceptualization of similar types of social phenomena. The topic is generally termed as “Social interaction”. In order to explain social relation two or more interactionist is needed. Social relation prevails between two individuals. Social relation takes into account the relationship between people and their social world.

It is said that people are engaged in multiple relationships, events, influences etc. Human behavior and experiences is not considered only of social and psychology factors, attention is paid to the meanings and interpretation that is attached to their experiences. ‘An Individual” is considered to exist only in relational terms. A person’s identity is related in relation to his family, other people, cultural practices, social class, sexuality, gender, physical and mental abilities etc.

Social Relation keeps a track of people’s lived experience and makes sure that this continues. Thus the experiences and meanings that people possess have become a valuable resource of exploration and insight of human relationships.

Social relation is a multi disciplinary that contributed to’humanities’ offer insights about human beings, their behavior, needs etc. Some of them are concern with complexities of human behavior such as psychology, anthropology and sociology. They play an important role in Social Relation framework, because from different angles they measure how people organize and give meaning to their world and relationships within it.

Social Relation provide framework to get rich insight and to understand people and their social and emotional lives. Social Relation has relevance with people of professional careers as they require a understandings of human behavior and social relationships.

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