Organically Yours – Five Reasons To Buy Organic Foods

You too can make smarter choices in the food you buy. Organically grown foods have been increasing in popularity as people are choosing to live a smarter and healthier lifestyle. Organic farmers around the world are doing their part in preserving the quality of our ecosystem and to improve our health by growing food the way nature intended. Organically grown food gives us a naturally healthy and purely delicious food that is completely free of harmful chemicals and pesticides. Most foods contain a high level of pesticides that can be more harmful that organically grown foods.

1. The Five Reasons

– Organic foods are free of additives and preservatives and therefore taste more delicious and pure.
– Buying organic foods helps to reduce the dependence on all the non-renewable resources.
– The organic food industry promotes healthy farmland and supports those small family owned farms that produce the organic food.
– Growing organic foods help to keep chemicals out of the water supplies and help protect the farmers and other workers from having contact with harmful chemicals and pesticides.
– Organically grown food is exceedingly safe for children because it is free from harmful pesticides.

2. Consider The Organic Alternitive

Next time youre shopping for groceries, think about how buying organically grown food can benefit you and your family. Think about choosing a food that was grown as nature intended, compared to one that had frequently been covered with poisonous pesticides and other chemicals. Would you buy food knowing that it had once been saturated with harmful chemicals? At one point in time, that was something you never would have thought about, but now today in the information age, people are more aware of what they are putting into their bodies. Now people are aware of how food is grown and produced and now people have a choice.

3. Organic Foods List

Some great organically grown foods to buy are apples, grapes (imported), nectarines, pears, peaches, red raspberries, strawberries, bell peppers, celery, potatoes and spinach. There are even many other foods coming to market as organic foods such as eggs, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, milk, juice, bread, soup, meat, nuts, pasta and many baby foods.

4. What Does Organic Mean?

Being organic is referring to the way the agricultural products of fiber and food are processed and grown. The ecological system heavily relies on the rich soil to produce plants strong enough to withstand diseases and other pests. Organic farming means that the use of any chemicals and toxins are prohibited and work only in favor of the earth friendly habits that work with nature. In livestock, preventative measures are taken to keep the animals productive and healthy because the use of antibiotics is forbidden. Genetically modified organisms are also strictly prohibited in the organic production.

5. The Three Categories

100% Organic

Means the food item is made purely and 100% of organic ingredients.

Organic Made

Means the food item is made of at least 95% organic ingredients with the remaining 5% heavily restricted and with no genetically modified organisms.

Made With Organic Ingredients

The food you choose can be made with ingredients containing no lesser than 70% of organic ingredients with the remaining 30% heavily restricted and no genetically modified organisms.

6. USDA Standards

The USDA has set strict regulations when labeling organic foods. An organic food must contain at least 95% of organic ingredients in order for it to be labeled as í˙organic.í˘ Any foods that have less than 70% of organic ingredients can not make any claims on the front of the package that it is organic in any way, but may list the specific organically grown ingredients on the side panel.

Price is the main bargaining issue when considering foods. Eating healthier is sometimes more expensive than the chemically treated foods. Of course, as the organic food industry is steadily rising as the varieties and availabilities are increasing, the prices are becoming more competitive and more appealing. Consider the real importance of staying healthy, it shouldn’t have to cost a ton either, find a local grower or a good organic place and they will offer a competitive offer.

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  1. pennylane36

    I don't know a lot about organic but how is pasta and powdered cheese organic? I always thought organic was fresh fruit and vegetables grown and not treated with pesticides. And I know that when something says sugar free or no sugar added typically means Splenda is involved

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  2. Lyn Hanna

    If you are considering a Costco membership consider getting the Executive, here in Canada it is $110 but you get a rebate cheque once a year. I live alone and only buy gluten free foods and I still got a cheque of $86 this year so my renewal membership will only cost me $26 this year ( and that is less than the regular membership that does not issue rebate cheques)

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  3. alleecmo

    Those Seeds of Change Brown Rice & Quinoa packets make a delicious speedy supper paired with the Tasty Bite Madras Lentils! Even my picky Mr loved it and he's way more Mac-n-Chz than culinary adventurer.

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  4. glsims65

    You will love the Seeds of Change rice/quinoa blend. The garlic flavor is super. I've used it (supplementing with some extra brown rice to stretch) for stuffed peppers. YUM!

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  5. Lauren Dillard

    Loved seeing this! Moving toward organics is so important and Costco is a great place to make it happen. So many great finds, we shop there often.

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  6. YT4Me57

    I forgot to mention that Costco also sells organic milk (whole, 2% and 1%) and organic eggs (3 dozen for almost the same price as one in the stores).

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