Why should one like Vedic Mathematics?

The system of Vedic Mathematics was introduced by Sri Bharati Krishna Tirathji during the early 20th Century (1911-1918), which was rediscovered from the Atharva Veda. It has been proved to be an asset for the children, students and teachers by simplifying mathematics and its methods.

Vedic math has been helping students and individuals over last two decades or so. Here are some of the reasons why one should consider learning Vedic mathematics and also like it for its logical methods.

1. The basis of Vedic Math is only the 16 sutras and 13 sub sutras. It does not need any use of theorems, proofs and axioms to derive a solution to even the most complex problems. The system does not believe in any extensions or step by step procedures, like in theorems etc., instead it gives solutions in just 2-3 steps.

2. It does not need to by heart ‘n’ number of formulas each for ‘n’ number of topics. Which means no rote learning of formulas is required and only the 16 sutras are sufficient for extracting answers to problems. These sutras are inter related and so does not lose track in between the process of finding out an answer.

3. Vedic Mathematics does not have any cogent terminology to be remembered for different branches. All the terminology, notations and definitions can be summed up only in 16 sutras. Therefore, the study becomes more flexible to be implemented without the necessity of remembering specific terms.

4. The formulae i.e. the sutras can be implemented irrespective of the branch to which a particular question belongs. This becomes more convenient than applying specific rules like that in traditional mathematical problems.

5. Though mathematics is a subject that grows every day. Each day researches are done and new formulas are introduced. Still, the use of sutras can fit in and solve the purpose as the basics and concepts to approach a solution are more or less same.

All these specialties make the Vedic math system to be the most convenient and accurate calculating method that is 10-15 times faster than the traditional method. No wonders why this system has been welcomed with open hands across the world. For those who haven’t yet made use of Vedic math yet, should sincerely think on what they are losing.

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