Marketing Using the AIDA Theory! It Works

A simple sales formula in conjunction with the BLM Traders Lead Generation system will help you accomplish your marketing goals quicker than trying to do it on your own….or by using only conventional methods of promoting!

Success on the internet is all about successful marketing. When you think about various ways to market your product or services, you must also consider that there is a proper sequence of events that must take place to accomplish your sales goals.

Back in the early 70’s when I was just starting to get involved in sales and sales training, I was privileged to attend a one day training session on the proper sequence theory. The AIDA model that was taught during that session was a simple process, however, in my business career, this program has been very effective and profitable for me personally.

Wikipedia…the free encyclopedia states: “AIDA is an acronym used in marketing that describes a common list of events that are very often undergone when a person is selling a product or service. The AIDA model guides organizations by reminding them that any successful promotional technique must eventually lead to an action, or the purchase of the product or service. The AIDA sequence was first published in Strong (1925), who himself attributed the model to St Elmo Lewis (late 19th century).”

The internet is a vast array of websites, promoting just about anything and everything a person could imagine. There are billions of websites trying to capture the masses attention with their products or services. Since the average person on the internet has a relatively short attention span, you must attract that persons interest in a matter of seconds for that individual to continue to stay on your site and study your information.

The AIDA system is very simple process and easy to understand: Each of the acronyms, stand for a particular meaning which we will discuss briefly.

A….Attention: You must quickly attract the potential clients attention with some relative information about your product or services. Make the potential client aware of the value of your offering or business opportunity. Statistics show that you have about 3-5 seconds to accomplish this feat or the person will go to the next site. If the person goes to the next site….you can forget about making the sale. You lost their attention.

I….Interest: You must be able to spark the customers interest by a very concise, short explanation of features and benefits of your product or service. With correct wording and keywords about your offering, you must learn the art and science of compiling good copy and have good relative content in your advertisement. Bad copy….bad outcome.

D….Desire: Your advertising wording must convince your potential client that the product or service you are offering is exactly what they have been looking for. plus a compelling statement that will convey to them, that they need what you have to offer without hype. Hype and lies turn off a person that might well have become your best customer ever. Hype and lies kills the desire of the potential client.

A….Action: This step involves the potential client to take the next step….you want them to take the action necessary to make the commitment to purchase your product or service. This of course is the end result, you expect that client to take. Making the sale is what marketing is all about.

This is a simple process for the natural born salesman. This is also a process that you can develop quickly with just a little effort and thought as you learn the process of marketing and sales. Put yourself in the potential clients shoes….and share with the potential customer information that you would like to know if you were the one who was interested in your business opportunity. Forget any hype or lies….only provide truthful, verifiable information in all of your marketing endeavors. Hype and lies equals….no sale! Truthful, verifiable information equals…..positive results.

There is a program that I have been using for some time now, that makes this road to successful marketing a reality much quicker than using other conventional methods being promoted on the interntet today. The BLM Traders programs being offered are the latest state of the art lead generation system that will help you integrate the AIDA system philosophy very quickly and effectively into your marketing process.

Review this system….and see how this inexpensive lead generation program can help you accomplish your goals for marketing success. This program has no hype…but offers a precise formula that will get the attention of your potential client. Leads Generated in this system are unique leads. They are fresh, approachable leads you have generated in your own marketing system, because of your good quality content in your description of your product or service. These leads are receptive to your follow-up….because they responded to your information you provided by writing good content in the description of your business offering.

Visit some of my marketing portals that I use to promote all by business opportunities. You to can acquire these same type of marketing portal for use in your own business opportunities. Review this marketing system thoroughly, and compare with any other marketing program on the internet today. After your review, this will give you the necessary information to make an intelligent decision about your future in marketing. Only you can make the right choices in becoming a profitable business on the internet. With the help of the professional, your journey to freedom from the normal 8-5 job (just over broke) will become a reality much quicker than trying to wing it on your own. You can “earn as you learn” by joining the BLM Traders Affiliate programs. Check it out today….and make the choice that will rocket your future to success on the internet.

In Summary: Get the potential clients attention with a good description of your offering. Create an interest in your offering…..develop a desire for your product or service…..get the action you need to close the sale. That’s what marketing is all about. Closing the deal! Use the right marketing tools, plus get the education you need with the help of professionals to get the jump start you need to accomplish your personal dreams of success on the internet.

For additional information or personal mentoring you can contact me at the following contact information.

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