Panasonic SR-MS102 Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker – Don’t Buy Until You’ve Read This!

Brief Description About The Panasonic SR-MS102 Electric Rice Cooker

Cooking a pot of perfectly cooked rice is a breeze with this Panasonic SR-MS102 electric rice cooker – All you need to do is to just add in dry rice, as well as water, and thereafter make a selection and press the “Start” button. You’re done!

With the micro-computerized Fuzzy Logic technology (that you will find within the Panasonic SR-MS102 rice cooker), it will automatically make adjustments to the temperature, as well as the heating time to ensure that your rice is perfectly cooked each and every single time without fail.

And the best part is, the moment your rice has been cooked, it will automatically switch over to the “Keep Warm” mode and keeps your rice warm (in perfect eating condition) for up to 12 hours. It does not re-cook the rice, so at any point in time, the quality of the rice is always the same.

Key Benefits Of The Panasonic SR-MS102 Rice Cooker

The following are some of the key benefits with which you will be able to enjoy with this particular Panasonic SR-MS102 electric rice cooker:

1. Highly Versatile – Can Be Used To Cook More Than Just Rice

One thing that we have noticed about this particular Panasonic SR-MS102 rice cooker is, it can be also used to cook more than just rice – It can also be used for steaming food, slow-cooking food, as well as for baking!

2. Still Get Perfectly Cooked Rice Even If You Add Too Little, Or Too Much Water

Unlike many other electric rice cookers, where your rice will get too hard if you add too little water, or too soggy if you add too much water, this Panasonic SR-MS102 rice cooker will automatically make adjustments if you add slightly too little, or too much water, and your rice will come out just as fine (without being too hard, or too soggy).

3. Easy To Clean & Wash

The inner lid of this rice cooker is easily removable to allow for cleaning and washing.

4. Allows For Convenient Transport

Another thing we have noticed about this rice cooker is that, it has a detachable power cord, as well as a carry handle that allows for easy and convenient transport. This feature is ideal especially if you will be moving your rice cooker around often.

Customers’ Feedback About The Panasonic SR-MS102 Rice Cooker

A great majority of the customers are happy with the Panasonic SR-MS102 electric rice cooker on the whole. (This particular model was given a rating of 4 1/2 out of 5 by the customers on

Let us take a look at some of what customers have said – Both positive, as well as negative feedback.

First, to the positive feedback – Most of them said that, as compared to other rice cookers of other brands, this particular Panasonic SR-MS102 rice cooker cooks much faster. Also, as compared to other Panasonic rice cookers, this rice cooker has a much better menu and LCD panel.

Also, in terms of the quality of the rice cooked by this rice cooker, users have said that it cooks for them perfect quality rice every single time without fail. Another point that they like about this rice cooker is, regardless of whether they add slightly too much water, or slightly too little water, their rice still turned out perfect.

Now, to the negative feedback – A few customers said that this rice cooker is not suitable for cooking oats, as they commented that they tend to make a mess around the rice cooker itself.

Our Final Verdict

All in all, we feel that this particular Panasonic SR-MS102 electric rice cooker is one rice cooker that does a fine job in cooking perfect quality rice. One thing we like about it is the fact that, cooking rice is made so easy with this rice cooker that even if you have not cooked a pot of rice before can even do so!

What’s more, at just $ 107.84 with free shipping at this time of writing on, this Panasonic rice cooker is definitely value for money, and one which we highly recommend!

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