How To Find An Affordable Orrery Kit

There are a lot of kids nowadays who are so into science. This is a good thing for them if they want to hone their intelligence. Of course, these kids are the ones who are familiar with the term orrery. This is the term referring to the model of the planetary bodies of the solar system. It will show the sun, the planets and their respective moons.

This is what people basically call as modeling. If the kids are asked to model the solar system, they should be able to illustrate the planets’ relative positions using the sun as the reference. The same goes with the moon. The kids who are into science can even make a heliocentric model of this system in the heavens.

While there may be kids who are too familiar with this modeling, there are also those who are complete amateurs. If this is the case, they might want to make use of a kit to be able to make the planetary model. There are numerous kits out there that are age-appropriate and contains the tools necessary to make a model.

There should be no problem in finding these kits. After all, the numerous search methods in existence nowadays have made the search for the said kits easier. One should not hesitate to take advantage of the said search methods. For that, here are some of those search methods that the person should take advantage of.

First of all, the person should try asking a science teacher about it. For the parents, this might be the best option for them. After all, every parent will assume that the science teacher will know where to buy the kit used in making a planetary system model. Of course, a good science teacher should already have this knowledge stock in their brain.

The person might also want to go to an arts and craft store. The arts and craft store is the best place to go to when people are clueless about stuff related to crafting and artistry. They should be able to get a good product if they go to the said store and ask for the assistance of the store representative for it.

One might also want to rely on a more convenient method for the search. This method is known to everyone as the Internet. If the person knows how to use the Internet and its search engines, then finding the right kit to use should be easy. The Internet can provide the best to the cheapest kits available in the market.

Do not just buy anything that comes alone, especially when one is planning to buy online. Strictly speaking, there are a lot of unscrupulous people online. If the person is not careful on who or where to buy, one might end up buying a substandard kit.

Try to hone one’s skills in making the model. Most of the kids who fancy this project should be able to improve their skills for making the model significantly. One might not expect but it is possible to make a mechanical orrery when one has already gone through a lot of practice for it.

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Planetary Science

* Created in collaboration with The Planetary Society on their 35th anniversary. Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Emily Lakdawalla and Carl Sagan reflect humanity’s next frontier: beyond the horizon.

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Bill Nye:
We are at a time in history where we can change the world
What do we want to pass on to future generations?
That we just stayed here on Earth, that we didn’t look out
to find out where we come from and are we alone?
We want to pass on this joy. This excitement.

Neil deGrasse Tyson:
When a nation dreams big, everything falls into place.

Beyond the horizon
Over the next hill
That’s where we make discoveries

That’s the next frontier

It is in us to look farther and deeper
It’s deep within us
That is why we are all here
Over the next hill, beyond the horizon

Dream of tomorrow
Long for the open seas
Call for this adventure

Dream big
Dream of tomorrow
Long for the open seas

Emily Lakdawalla:
There are lots of huge frozen worlds
Caught beyond Neptune
Huge frozen worlds
Seek out these other worlds

Hundreds of other worlds
Caught beyond Neptune
Seek out these other worlds


Audacious visions have the power to alter mindsets
To change assumptions about what is possible



If we are to discover life on another world,
It will change the way everyone feels about what it is to be a living thing in the Cosmos.

Is a virus alive? Is crystal alive?
Does life need this, does life need liquid water?
Is a virus alive? Does life have metabolism?
Does life need, life need, life need, life need this?

Is a virus alive? Is crystal alive?
They’re asking these questions

Bill Nye:
Working together I claim we can
Change the world!

Carl Sagan:

There’s just a tremendously exciting prospect called solar sailing
And it works exactly as an ordinary sailboat does

It takes you to where you wanna go
It’s a whole new kind of idea
It travels on the wind from the sun

These dreams prevail in the citizen’s ambitions.

It is time to set sail for the 21st Century.


Find your place in space
Space is vast and unexplored
And there’s a lot of work to do.

BEYOND THE HORIZON - Symphony of Science + The Planetary Society BEYOND THE HORIZON – Symphony of Science + The Planetary Society
Planetary Science

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  1. Tukaram Ozymandias

    This song got me through the lowest point in my life. I graduated from uni in 2015 with a degree in applied physics since I've always loved science. The following month and its job hunt was not kind to me and I badly botched the only interview I got. I ended up signing with a temp agency because I needed a job. Several positions later and after the fall from hopefulness and promise it caused, I found myself cleaning and stocking shelves at Walmart. I had a degree and could tell you anything about particle physics and I'm cleaning vomit off the floor and stocking shelves. I was in a VERY bad place mentally as well as struggling to just pay rent. Then this video was published. "Dream of tomorrow. Long for the open seas. Dream big. That is why we are all here. Over the next hill. Beyond the horizon." That kept me going. It reminded me of what I really wanted. Instead of letting it die, drowning in a sea of despair, this song reminded me and inspired me to hold on long enough to find a way.

    Thank you for making this song.

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    Omg I love you all, everyone here is so inspiring. The comments really lift up my spirits. I can't wait to change the world :')))))))))

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    why this video have only 400k views? why some shit have hundreds millions views?

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    my head is like "Eh, kinda cheesy with the auto tune…" but my body has chills! It would be amazing. If we weren't so divided. Humanity needs to fix our problems on earth. We can't go into space and pursue new frontiers with walls between us. We can't call ourselves advanced and ready for landing on new worlds when our own is filled millions of starving and homeless humans and unimaginable selfishness and cruelty. We should wonder if we are ready mentally and emotionally, not just technologically.

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