Meteoritical Society

The Meteoritical Society is a well established group of scientists and enthusiasts who are devoted to the research of extraterrestrial materials. Including meteorites, and samples that are collected from space missions. The society has been around since 1933, and now has a membership base that boasts members in 33 countries.

They were established in 1933 originally as The Society for Research on Meteorites. And did just that, holding annual meetings under their first president, Frederick C. Leonard. These meetings were suspended during World War II, and when they came back together in 1946 they renamed themselves the Meteoritical Society. Differences in opinion of the future and direction of the society created a lull in growth for many years. But as the space age began, so did memberships, and interest in the planetary science field. Members of specific scientific expertise in mineralogy, isotope geochemistry, and impact dynamics began joining the society, and with such additions, so did the credibility and standing of the society grow.

So what does this society of space lovers do? Well for a few, they catalog all known meteorites, and put them in a database so people can research specific meteorites, and impacts. They also put out a well known and one of the world’s leading planetary science journals Meteoritics and Planetary Science. In addition to these tasks, they also hold meetings and workshops in the planetary science field. And support and encourage young planetary scientists around the world. The society gives out a number of awards each year to outstanding individuals in a variety of topics revolving planetary science, and meteorites.

Sound like something that would interest you? They are open to membership, for anyone. You do not have to be a scientist. Although if you are, this non-profit organization may support you in your research and work. If not though, it is ok, and all you have to do is pay an annual membership fee, that will make you an official member, and get you a subscription to Meteoritics and Planetary Science magazine.

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