Thailand Cancer Center Warning – Processed Foods Linked to Lung Cancer

Lung cancer causes more deaths than any other form of cancer, and is responsible for around 1.3 million deaths worldwide. It is commonly thought that if you don’t smoke cigarettes, you will not develop lung cancer – unfortunately, up to 15% of all lung cancer deaths are in non-smokers. However, new research that will be invaluable to Thailand cancer centers and hospitals in Bangkok has revealed a possible reason both for (1) why non-smokers develop lung cancer, and (2) why some smokers fail to develop the disease.

Inorganic phosphates found in processed foods, like meat, cheese, beverages and bakery products could contribute to the development of the disease, as well as speed the spread of smaller tumors.

While many lung cancer cases are attributable to smoking (around 85%), there are also a large number of unexplained cases. Some materials that have been implicated in these unexplained cases that front line medical centers like Bangkok Hospital and Samitivej Hospital see include radon gas (found naturally through decomposition of uranium in the earth’s crust), asbestos (which also causes mesothelioma), and viruses such as human papillomavirus, JC virus and cytomegalovirus.

Nutritionists have long recommended that processed foods form a minimal part of your diet – now oncologists at Thailand’s big hospitals, especially those caring for lung cancer patients, will be recommending the same thing. The study suggested not only that inorganic phosphates in processed foods can help lung cancer develop and spread, but that regulating them in the diet can slow the progress of the disease and assist traditional therapy at hospitals in Bangkok.

Studies that led to this groundbreaking one had suggested that in non-small cell lung cancers, which represent around 75% of cases, certain signaling pathways in lung tissue are activated. The research went on to find that inorganic phosphates can trigger those same pathways. The research team was led by Dr Cho, at Seoul National University. Dr Cho explained that anything disrupting the signaling pathways in tissue, can confer a normal cells with malignant properties. “Deregulation of only a small set of pathways can confer a normal cell with malignant properties, and these pathways are regulated in response to nutrient availability and, consequently, cell proliferation and growth”, Dr Cho said. Thailand cancer centers have seen time and again that while all nutrients in moderation are useful, excess levels of anything can be dangerous. This is certainly the case for inorganic phosphates.

In the 1990s, according to the researchers, additives containing phosphate contributed around 470mg of phosphorus to the average adult diet. Now that figure has risen to around 1,000mg per day. This increase in phosphorus intake was shown to have an effect on protein translation and alt signaling, as well as helping stimulate cell proliferation. The enormous intake of inorganic phosphates led Dr Cho to advise that the careful regulation of phosphate in the diet may be ‘critical’ in preventing, as well as treating lung cancer. Thailand cancer centers see many cases that seem to stem from processed food intake, in all forms of cancer, not just lung cancer. Doctors at these centers are now planning to make diet advice a large part of treatment plans to translate cancer patients into cancer survivors.

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