Principles of Spectroscopy

The spectroscopic study of the absorption and emission of light radiation, and other actions, in relation to the dependence on the wavelength of the radiation processes. Recently, the definition has expanded to examine the interactions between particles such as electrons, protons and ions, and their interaction with other particles after a collision in their energy. The spectroscopic analysis is a critical role in the development of fundamental theories in physics, including quantum mechanics, general relativity and quantum electrodynamics, and played special. Spectroscopy is applied as a high-energy collisions an important tool in the development of scientific knowledge, not only the electromagnetic force, but also strong and weak nuclear force.

Spectroscopic methods were used in nearly every technical field of science and technology. Radio-frequency spectroscopy of nuclei in a magnetic field was medical technique to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for the soft inner tissue of the body with unprecedented resolution have seen this. Was used microwave spectroscopy to the so-called three-level radiation to see black body, you see the rest of the Big Bang (ie, the first explosion), the universe was probably (optical spectroscopy Study : Basic concepts: applications). The internal structure of protons and neutrons and the state of the universe at the beginning of the first millisecond of his life by solving their spectroscopic techniques with high energy particle accelerators are. The components of stars, distant molecules, and even the intergalactic elemental abundances of the stars first, optical, radio and X-ray spectroscopy to determine the optical spectroscopy is often used to study the chemical composition of the materials and determine the physical structure of its determination.

Spectroscopic techniques are very sensitive. Atoms among the detected isotopes and otherwise the same atom of 1020 or more atoms of different kind. (Isotopes are atoms of elements with uneven, but the same number. Isotopes of the same chemical element of atomic nearly identical.) Traces of pollutants or contaminants are often detected as efficiently as possible by spectroscopic techniques. Certain types of microwave, optical and gamma spectroscopy, measuring the frequency of an infinitely moved within a narrow spectral lines. Is considered to be measuring the frequency change of only in 1015 by the frequency with the highest laser techniques, with high resolution. This sensitivity, the most accurate measurement of natural frequency measurements.

Spectroscopy now covers most of the electromagnetic spectrum. This table is the electromagnetic spectrum frequency range of 16 orders of size. Not limited to electromagnetic radiation spectroscopy, however. Since the energy E of a photon (a photon) with frequency ν to the equation E = hv hv, where h is the Planck constant, the spectroscopy measurement of the actual interaction with photons as a function of photon energy. In the case that the probe particle spectroscopy measurements on the particles of particles or photons with test materials as a function of probe energy of the particle.

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