Using A Hire Car To Tour Oxford; Students, Education And The English Countryside

Oxford is one of the most historically rich cities in the UK, the use of a car hire service allows visitors to get the best from this city and tour the sights. Using a hire car also allows tourists to visit the surrounding area, the fabulous English countryside and quaint villages and towns.

Being home to the oldest university in Britain, Oxford is definitely a student city. The buildings that pass by as you navigate the streets in your hire car demand closer attention. Various tours of the university buildings can be undertaken to view the marvellous architecture up close, while the Christ Church Cathedral is impressive despite of its relatively small size in comparison to other European cathedrals.

Car Hire is a prerequisite to seeing the brilliant Oxfordshire countryside. Also sitting so close to the Cotswolds it gives tourists the chance to visit the many small villages while taking in the rolling scenery that is all around. The opportunity stop in for lunch at a quintessential English pub should not be missed.

Near Oxford lies one of the finest examples of a stately home in the UK. Blenheim Palace is as extravagant as it is vast and offers the perfect excuse to use a hire car for a day trip. The sumptuous architecture screams wealth and as the palace was publicly funded, naturally the costs spiralled. Originally created for John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough it was in recognition of his outstanding military exploits; Blenheim being the site of his greatest victory. The palace was also the birthplace of the other famous Churchill from history; Winston.

Oxford contains a brilliant natural history museum with exhibits from around the world. With ample parking it is ideal if using a car hire service and will be both instructive and informative for anyone with a penchant for all things natural. Still being used by the university it holds lectures for zoology students while the exhibits make the perfect research resource.

A fair drive from Oxford is the Living Rainforest, using a hire car to visit this attraction is a necessity. This is a brilliant day trip for families as it houses an enclosed rainforest with a variety of plant and animal species. Children will love exploring the tropical paradise while the message of climate change and biodiversity adds an educational facet.

Museums in Oxford are varied as you would expect from such an intellectual city. The Ashmoleon has fine collections of artefacts from the ancient world up until the renaissance period as well as housing some fine art pieces. The Museum of Oxford gives a history of the city including an account of its time spent besieged during the English Civil war.

Using a car hire service to visit Oxford and its surrounding area is the ideal way to experience as much as you can during your stay. Pleasant at all times of the year it is great for weekends away or part of a wider trip around the UK. Lying close to London transport links to the capital are extensive and make the journey as easy as possible. If touring Britain, Oxford should be near the top of your list of places to see.

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