What is Mathematics?

Mathematics refers to the conceptual and analytical study of topics that encompass structure, change, space, quantity and other vital properties. Expert mathematicians are often tasked to look for patterns and develop new conjectures. These experts are also responsible in resolving the falsity or truth of certain conjectures based on mathematical proof.

Note that there are different branches of math. Below is a list of the most popular ones:

1. Arithmetic. This is considered as the oldest branch of mathematics. It is one of the most commonly used branches because of its usefulness to a variety of tasks including simple daily counting, more advanced/complex business calculations and also science. Arithmetic actually involves the process of studying quantity especially those that result from combining numbers. It can also be used to define simple properties when utilizing traditional operations including addition, multiplication, subtraction and division.

2. Algebra. This branch encompasses the process of studying solutions of a single or multiple algebraic equations that involve the use of polynomial functions of a single or multiple variables. Linear algebra is one of its most popular fields which refers to the specific case wherein all polynomials come with degree one or systems with linear equations. Algebraic geometry, on the other hand, refers to the case of using multiple equations that have high degree leads.

3. Geometry involves the study of sizes, shapes and other vital properties of figures, as well as the nature of space. These are just few of the many things that form a huge part of geometry. Another field associated with this subject is Euclidian geometry, which is more focused on the process of studying conic sections, polyhedral, spheres, polygons and other relevant geometric objects with 2 and 3 dimensions as they relate to congruence. Topology involves the process of studying general geometric objects referred to as topological spaces in terms of relations that are considered to be a lot weaker when compared to similarity and congruence.

4. Trigonometry. This branch of mathematics involves studying triangles, more specifically right triangles. It also deals with the determined relationships between a triangle side and angles. It also comes with trigonometric functions that work in describing any detected relationship, angles and specific wave motions including light and sound waves.

Other popular branches of mathematics include calculus, mensuration, applied math, numerical analysis and computer algebra. It is no longer a secret that this is one of the most complex subjects tackled not only by students but professionals as well. It requires better understanding about complex equations, computations and figures. Fortunately, those who want to master any of the popular branches of this field can now get help online. Getting help with math online is actually possible through online tutorials and programs.

But before you get the help of online mathematics tutorial service providers, it is essential for you to determine which can offer you the most comprehensive knowledge about the field. Choose one which is recognized for its ability to offer accurate information about the most crucial topics linked to the field including its branches, inverse multiplications, fraction decimals, equation, division and geometry. Dealing with the most legitimate tutorial service provider can definitely help you in mastering math.

If you have a strong interest in math and need help with your mathematics, you can ask math related questions online for free. Answer questions for those who need assistance if you are an expert mathematician!


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