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Environmental graduate programs distance learning are intensive interdisciplinary programs that involve the students in social, political and educational perspectives on the environment. The range of environmental courses offered in the different universities by distance learning include environmental biology, environmental architecture/design, environmental control technologies, environmental education, environmental engineering technology, environmental health engineering, environmental psychology and environmental health. A few universities stipulate that the student opt for electives such as computer and telecommunication skills, programs in leadership, human development and family studies, enroll for an internship and submit a thesis. The programs aim to give the student theoretical foundations of environmental education and a practical means of applying the theory to daily living.

Course Content: Environmental Graduate Programs Distance Learning

The courses are constructed around the philosophy that the student needs to develop his understanding of the environment and must be equipped with skills that enable him to design and deliver environmental information as an agent of creative change. The theoretical foundations of environmental education and communication are considered an integral part of learning. Analysis and tools for analysis are considered essential for a student tackling environmental issues of the age. All the environmental graduate programs distance learning are directed towards equipping the student with the necessary skills to provide viable solutions to the environmental problems facing mankind today.

Graduate Programs by Distance Learning

Fischler School of Education and Human Services associated with The Nova Southeastern University, Florida offers an MS in Environmental studies. The Royal Roads University is a member of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, the Association of Commonwealth Universities and the Business Council of British Columbia. It offers a Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma program in Environmental Education and communication. It also has a full Master of Arts degree on the subject. The Institute of Global Education offers MS and PhD degrees in Integrated Ecology and Nature. The focus of the course is on building socially and environmentally responsible relationships. The degree is accredited to the West Coast University by International council for Open and Distance Education recognized by UNESCO and UNO. The University of Denver, the Nicholos school of Environment and Earth sciences, the Southern Methodist University, the University of Connecticut, the University of Florida and the University of Alabama are some of the other universities which offer environmental graduate programs distance learning.

The depth and range of environmental studies is only limited by the imagination of the student and the resources of the University. The student can skim the surface of the subject by selecting a broad based program or drill down to the depth on a single topic by selecting a specialized area of study. The student is the best judge of his area of interest.

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