Significance of Astrology in Human Life

Astrology is considered to be the most thoughtful sacred sciences known to human. Since the beginning of civilization, the stars and planets have been used as celestial guides for human affairs. Certainly none other than the inestimable one could have created something with such profound depth, beauty and intricacy. Astrology is a glorious and beautiful harmonization of spirit and science. By using the Earth’s orbit around the Sun as a fixed reference point and through exact astronomical plotting of planetary movements, people can understand, with amazing accuracy, the highest spiritual meanings and most practical physical potentials that synchronize with celestial events. The map against which one superimposes this enormously accurate scientific data is the birth or natal chart. The birth chart possessed by everyone is basically a snapshot of the heavens at the moment of birth.
The aspects and locations of the Moon, Sun and planets inexplicably reveal the purpose and nature of one’s life. By comparison of the birth chart with impending planetary movements, one can, either by themselves or with the assistance of a gifted astrologer, stare into their future. The consequences of an individual having this type of information goes beyond measure, this is power of the most unique and extraordinary kind and thus the reason why it has been cloaked and popular for so long.
Vedic Astrology
There are several approaches which we are following to know the future of an individual such as numerology, palmistry, western and Chinese astrology etc and vedic astrology is also one of the popular sciences which is these days most often used to predict the future of human life and also of nations called Mundane astrology. This science is considered as one of the vedangas. This science is also known by other names such as Hindu and Indian astrology and Jyotishya. Indian astrology name was given to it as the system originated in India itself. The greatness of this science lies in its method of evaluation which includes deep examination of stars, planets, zodiac signs, moon sign and sun sign in a horoscope. The accuracy of predictions further depends on the accuracy of the details related to birth, that’s the reason the right birth time is required for getting precise predictions. Research studies have stated that stars, planets show considerable effect on human life. Indian astrologers and the same from other countries are carrying out research on human life in relation to planetary movements and they are able to know the greatness of this science.
Now, it’s since time immemorial that people are taking help of this science to known about its zodiac matches. People are able to select the correct life partner through this zodiac matching. The compatibility of this science is also one of the methods in Indian or vedic astrology which helps one to select the appropriate life partner to have stable love life. Moon also plays a vital role in an individual’s horoscope. By taking a look at its position in a horoscope, we can talk about an individual’s mentality, likes, mindset, dislikes and his mental disposition etc. This planet also talks about an individual’s mother which is considered as a signification for mother in Hindu astrology. These days, getting consultation of this science has also become easy due to internet. People are able to get online reading of this science with the help of astrologer Pune and such people are able to serve clients from different countries.

The author of this article is quite impressed with the way Indian astrologers go about their task of astrology. He also knows Vedic astrology to some extent and always has some positive thoughts about it.

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