North American Forests Unlikely to Save US From Climate Change, Study Finds

Forests take up 25 – 30 percent of human-caused emissions of carbon dioxide — a strong greenhouse gas — and are therefore considered to play a crucial role in mitigating the speed and magnitude of climate change. However, a new study that combines future …
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The planets are both about the size of Earth and are in the system’s “habitable zone” – FYI, that’s where liquid surface water is possible. If the wavelengths had varied significantly, it would have signalled the presence of a large, puffy …
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Scientific American
Since 1845, Scientific American has been educating and delighting readers with in-depth coverage on a broad range of scientific to…

Bad News Box Set: Four Chilling Thrillers
“One of the most thrilling writers working today. Miss him at your peril.” – Blake Crouch, Wayward Pines

A box set of four scienc…

The News: A User’s Manual (Vintage International)
The news is everywhere. We can’t stop constantly checking it on our computer screens, but what is this doing to our minds? We a…

“What occurred on May 4 was a very rare event,” says de Wit. Sign up to get the latest science news delivered weekly right to your inbox!
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Science News

Science News

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