How Sustainable Should Sustainable Agriculture Be?

Sustainable agriculture is the ability to produce the right amount of resources for the people all over the world to consume without the threat of running out for the future generation. Basically, it is such an ideal concept that integrates three main aspects: economical profitability, social participation and environmental stewardship. Through the simultaneous implementation of these three aspects, the goal of sustainable agriculture can be successfully met. Agriculture is indeed an important part of the society, especially for the developing countries which main source of living is farming. However, due to different circumstances and external movements, agriculture has continuously been depleting over the years.

Destructive Practices Towards Agriculture

There are different practices that contribute to the destruction of arable land namely, excessive tillage, irrigation, usage of experimental chemicals and even industrialization and commercialization. Due to these destructive practices, the long term effects are not only experienced by the land itself but also those people who depend on it for their daily living. As these practices decrease the productivity of our land, the normal reaction would be that the food supply would also deplete. In the long run, food shortage is then experienced by most countries which are dependent on agriculture.

Transition to Sustainable Agriculture

However, through the three main fields of sustainable agriculture, hopefully such things can be prevented for the sake of the future generation. Since the physical attributes of our land has been greatly devastated by different human practice and natural calamities, it is then important to change the conventional way of farming.

Since it is already apparent that such way of farming is not at all productive during this age, it means that a new method must be implemented to further sustain the development and growth of the agricultural sector. These traditional methods are then replaced by new and innovative means such as the usage of modern fertilizers, biotechnology, genetically enhanced crops and usage of artificial nutrients.

Importance of Sustainable Agriculture

Since we are already experiencing a scarcity in our environment and agriculture, it is then important to include the social sector into the sustainable agriculture. Without the participation of both the government and the community, development can never be achieved. These people need to realize the relevance of sustainable agriculture not only to our present age but also for the future generation.

In addition, the inclusion of the business sector is indeed another important aspect of sustainable agriculture. With a successful profitability in the economical sense, the sustainable agriculture can be considered as a success within a country. The strategic marketing of the different products of sustainable agriculture is indeed important in helping it become a reliable source of livelihood and resources for the country. It is vital that these three aspects are successfully being fulfilled without the compromise so as to fully attain the goal of sustainable agriculture. As long as the three aspects are towards the path of a good and developed future, then we are certain that indeed the country can rise from its agricultural problems and hence solve the global crisis of food shortage.


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BBC Documentary: Visions of the Future - The Biotech Revolution (Part Two) BBC Documentary: Visions of the Future – The Biotech Revolution (Part Two)

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