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By means of Dhyana Yoga, by transcending, the mind, to spiritual highest level…, thereafter, to cause that itself to reach, again, to its physical usual, sensory experienced state, thereby to prove, the physical – spiritual coordination, itself, is the principal objective in the path of ascension… This itself is the path of implementation of “Practical Philosophy” proposed by Guruji.
The center of brain, which is considered as Soul – causes ascension to the mind and takes it to that position. By causing ascension to Human Mind, if it is caused to reach the position of Soul – that is when one would understand, “who she/he is”, “what she/he is”, “where she/he has come from”, “what the remaining Nature is”, “what is the ‘matter’ that is present”, “what the Universal Energy is”, – everything would be known. Through practice only, it can be proved practically that spirituality is hidden in the physical life of human being only. Once an individual acquires “The Mind of Moral Sanctity”, there is a chance to put a check at the level of ’cause’ itself. If it is caused ascension like this – materiality & spirituality, both of them together, if the life is coordinated, that is when the real purpose would be achieved.
When the mind ascends and merges with the center of brain, the position of Soul, since that is the link to Supreme Soul, since that is Omnipresent – that is when one would prove what the truth is.
‘Religious Humanism’ is a part in the path of practice of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan. Human being – Society – God… that which makes known, the connection, which has to be present inevitably, between the above (triad), itself, is “Religious Humanism”. Humaneness (Humanism) in the human being, divinity that is supposed to be in God, to make-known, the inseparable relationship – which has to be present, between the above two – itself, is the important component, in this. Energy in the universe, its material Creation, Nature – organism – body of the organism – its mind; in the manner of relationship of existence, present between these only…, entity of energy, ‘Supreme Soul’; center of the source of Creation, ‘Soul’; body embedded Jeevatmn…, inseparable relationship, present between them; humaneness in human being, divinity in the Soul, that which makes-known the compassionate communion which has to be present between these, itself, is Religious Humanism; Religious Humanity.
In Religious Humanism, by means of making-known human being, the eminence, in divinity (God), for it the importance of humanity, its need, and in the way suitable to it, the changes in the way of daily life, the efforts, of achieving coordination of materiality – spirituality, and religious amicability, would happen. So also, religious humanism, would work hard for ‘human globalization’, which can change the human race as human family, and it as international system.
The life revolves around Mind – its Thoughts and Experiences. Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha” (Justice, Earn, Lust and Liberation) are the four PuruSArthAs in Indian Philosophy and it exhibits physically in life. For a Karma Yogi (Saint) – KAryadIksha (presence of mind towards achievement), Interest, Ethics – Guidance are important. Liberation is its Divine/Spiritual specialty.
Individual Self – Spiritual Self – Universal Soul – Supreme Soul – the Self-Existence – this order is the spiritual division of the life. In the middle of the Individual Self and the Supreme Soul, the Soul (Spiritual Self) exists. The Soul is having physical and spiritual importance in life. The Soul itself is the micro sentiency of the Universal Energy.
The consciousness has the subtle entity of the embodied energy i.e. the Soul/Spiritual Self. The Mundane / the individual self – which is to be merged with the Supreme Soul, the Absolute – is to be culminated to the Spiritual Soul, through the process of the ascension and the transcendence.

Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi has authored numerous books; he has revealed numerous secrets of universe that have immense capacity to bring a Spiritual & Scientific Revolution. They are a goldmine of knowledge on spirituality, scientific, social, economic and political origin.


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