Make Sure You Do Not Miss These Areas Of Barcelona

It is also filled with modern attractions that makes it the perfect place for anyone to visit because it has something for everyone.

The Chinese and Gothic Quarter have buildings of breathtaking beauty that anyone can appreciate. Within the Chinese quarter you will want to have your camera ready for pictures of the bibliotheca de Catalunya, the Greek Theatre, Holy Cross Hospital, Placa de Sant Josep Oriol and enjoy shopping within the Mercat de Sant Antoni. While the Gothic Quarter has the Architects Society Building, Capella Santa Agata, Cathedral, Museums such as the Picasso Museum, Diocesan Museum, Holographic and History of Footwear museums. There are also the Museu d’Historia de la Cuitat, King’s Square and Episcopal Palace along with City Hall and a Chocolate Museum to meet anyone’s tastes in history. The town walls extend around the area giving it charm and character that is not matched anywhere.

There are parks galore for the outdoor lover including Labyrinth Park with its beautiful sculptures, statues, fountains and garden displays. The Parc de Mar for those who like to be active offers boating, sailing and water craft activities or has towers, monuments and observation decks for the more docile visitors.

There are numerous other gardens and flower markets to take in such as the Jardins de Mossen, Jardins Maragall and castles of incredible structure such as the Castell de Montjuic.

There are many buildings and sites remaining from the 1992 Olympics that add their own unique flavour to the city and give photo ops and historical significance to the area.

Barcelona has museums on everything you could imagine to please every family member. From the Comic book and Illustrations museum, Geological museum of the seminary, medical museums, museums of criminology and sporting museums. There is a Gallery of coins and a museum of Oceanography, aquariums and Concert halls.

Theatres, events and festivals are held throughout the year making it an exciting, incredible place to visit no matter when you decide to go.

Accommodations are often just as historical and beautiful as the tourist attractions you are there to see. You can get the true feeling of living in Barcelona even if just for a few days or weeks by renting local apartments and feeling at home in this exotic and incredible setting.

Visiting Barcelona is an amazing experience that no one ever regrets as it should be considered one of the wonders of the world with its hospitality, design and amazing culture.

There are musical events, religious events, literary festivals and sporting events that fill the days and yet natural beauty and peaceful setting that will let you get away from the hectic and stressful life of home. Everyone will find something of interest during their trip and it will truly be the vacation of a life time with fond memories and stories to tell to generations to come. After a day in Barcelona you will fall in love with the city and want to return many times over. There is so much to see and do it is never boring and always satisfying. Barcelona has something for everyone of every age, culture and interest. It is the perfect place to be anytime of the year and will give you a new appreciation of the beauties and majestic brilliance of the world we live in.

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