Electricity generated with water, salt and an ultra thin membrane

LAUSANNE, Switzerland, July 13 (UPI) –The simple scientific phenomenon known as osmosis has renewable energy researchers quite excited. A newly devised osmotic power generation system has produced record-setting yields. The system relies on water, salt …
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Taking a combo of HIV drugs can make unprotected sex a whole lot safer. Antiretroviral therapy cut HIV transmission between partners to zero, researchers report July 12 in JAMA. That doesn’t mean there’s no risk, says infectious disease researcher …
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Dimensions of Time: Science’s Quest to Understand Time in the Body, Brain and Cosmos
Science News curates a fascinating collection of articles that explores the elusive subject of time and its influence on human lif…

Consciousness: A Survey of Scientists’ Bold Attempts to Demystify the Mind
In this anthology of its groundbreaking articles, Science News brings us a riveting look at the mystery of human consciousness.

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A new study is the first systematic literature review to examine the entire field of interventions designed to reduce low-value care. It also outlines which strategies are potentially the most effective in improving care delivery. Through an analysis of …
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Gualicho shinyae, a medium sized two-legged theropod dinosaur weighing about 1,000lb (454kg), had forelimbs about the size of a human child’s. And like T. rex, its hands had just two digits, a thumb and forefinger. The similarity between the two …
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The longest-lived individuals for a selection of species. All except those marked with * are ages for wild animals. E. OTWELL Copyright 2016. Follow Science News on Twitter.
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Scientists said on Wednesday they have unearthed fossils in northern Patagonia of a two-legged, up to 26-foot-long (8-meters-long) predator called Gualicho shinyae with arms only about 2 feet (60 cm) long, akin to a human child’s. The fossils of Gualicho …
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