How to Break the Negative Thinking Cycle!

Are you more of a glass half empty kind of a person? You know, more often than not, one who gets up on the wrong side of the bed than the right? On the drive to work, probably more likely to be stopping at red lights than zipping through green ones, more certain to get in the traffic lane that’s stalled than the one that’s moving, more sure that you’ll be in the left lane when you should be in the right?

Then, when you do get to work, frazzled and grumbling, do you plod through your day feeling like you’re the only one walking around under a rain cloud? Do you feel a growing sense of isolation and rejection as those co-workers with sunnier dispositions avoid you like whatever afflicts you is contagious? And on your way home as you reflect on your day while crawling along in more snarled traffic, do you muse to yourself that if you didn’t have bad luck, then you’d have no luck at all?

If any of this is familiar to you, something with which you can relate, you should know that your self-limiting thoughts and behaviors don’t need to be permanently debilitating. The self-defeating mental and emotional states upon which you have become compulsively and physiologically dependent do not need to control, even define, your life.

Perhaps you’ve watched DVD’s such as “The Secret” or “What The Bleep Do We Know?” Maybe you’ve devoured a library of self help books. Possibly you’ve practiced daily affirmations and/or meditation. But you are still searching. Nothing can change your thoughts and behavior for longer than a few days or weeks.

So what in the world is wrong with you? Why is it so hard to align your thoughts and feelings with information and knowledge you’ve gained suggesting that a simple shift of your expectations can create the experiences we all want in our lives? Even when fully understanding and comprehending what insights you’ve acquired, even when you consciously believe this information to be factual and correct, even then, somehow, it just seems to be beyond your capabilities to embrace and use it to implement successful and permanent change.

This very information and knowledge that you have tried to apply in your life, for the most part, is correct. We can do more, be more, and enjoy more simply by changing our minds. This is evident in so many biographies and in countless accounts of ordinary people who have achieved the seemingly impossible. The reason why this experience has not yet been applicable to you is because all of the evidence presented to you and all of the methods suggested are incomplete and therefore flawed.

Before disclosing more on this subject, let me first share with you some of the exciting research and development being conducted in this area. NeuroVector Neuroscience Laboratories is a private research facility located in Sydney, Australia. They are located in an area adjacent to the University of Western Sydney and within minutes of the top three other Australian Universities involved in Neurotechnology Research. They are also always in contact with Universities and research bodies in the United States and around the world to stay current with the latest discoveries and technology.

Their work has resulted in developing a revolutionary neuroVector™ Brainwave Synchronization audio technology that, when used as instructed, produces long-lasting and profound changes in the structure and function of one’s nervous system. In fact, their advanced neuroVector™ technology has been tested extensively and found to work for everybody. They absolutely guarantee that it will positively change your life in ways that will truly astound you.

As they conducted their research, they discovered the flaw that occurs neurologically and prevents one from effectively implementing all of the fundamentally sound ideas and methods that their various authors were attempting to convey. This flaw, or obstacle, is due to the fact that when a person remembers an event with a positive attitude, they are biased to recall only it’s more positive aspects and most relevant milestones. Their present feelings and ideas are erroneously infused with memories of the actual past events which then creates an illusion of ease and simplicity that doesn’t represent the actual experience.

They find that it is hard even to do things that they thought they had easily accomplished before. This is because they expect the task to feel as easy as they now remember it. Our brain stores all of our memories, including the joys and pain associated with them, but in recalling these memories, we only get access to the parts of them that are congruent with our present mood and motives.

With the neuroVector™ technology, researchers and developers created a practical and effective way to shorten the arduous and complex journey in acquiring the winning mental state of remarkable people effortlessly. While using the audio technology developed by neuroVector™, the electrical activity in your brain aligns with the recorded brain activities of people who spent decades conditioning their minds to achieve a higher state of consciousness.

Researchers have found that negative memories and thoughts feed on each other in a loop. While in this negative emotional state, any positive aspect of a memory or thought loses significance and becomes harder to access or contemplate.

In most individuals, brain activities remain confined to certain areas of the brain that is characteristic of the self-defeating mental and emotional states upon which they have become compulsively and physiologically dependent. By using the neuroVector™ technology, your brain’s electric activity (brainwave) becomes widespread throughout the brain, creating new neural pathways which stimulate new thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

The formation of new neural pathways has been documented in brain imaging studies and proven to permit faster communication between neurons in the brain. This increased brain activity equates to more “processing power” in the brain; that is, increased IQ.

The proprietary audio technology developed by NeuroVector Neuroscience Laboratories is the most powerful and effective way currently to change one’s thought patterns — more powerful than the traditional binaural beat recordings that inspired the research and development of this new and revolutionary technology.

I will write more on this topic in future blogs, but for now I invite any readers feeling trapped in a vicious cycle of negative thinking, or know family or friends with such symptoms, or are simply interested in exploring further their own curiosities, to watch the free video review of NeuroVector that is posted on our website and blog, details found in the author’s area below!

James Nelson has accumulated almost 40 years of successful business experience, and much of it has been based on the maxim, “Do what you do do well, then find others who can do the rest best!” You can learn more about “Neuro Vector” on their website and blog at . Mr. Nelson is currently President of JuJam Enterprises Incorporated.


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