The Birch Aquarium

Smaller and more intimate than other aquariums, the
Birch Aquarium is one place where you can get close
to all of the animals, and still take your time to
simply enjoy being there.

Due to its intimacy, adults and children alike are
energized by the aquarium. You can watch an
octopus flow up and down the glass, or watch a
jellyfish move slowly through the water. This is
an excellent thrill, for everyone in your family.

The most popular exhibit at the Birch Aquarium is
the sea horse exhibit. It offers many different
species, from the tiny miniature sea horses that
are under an inch tall, to the taller and more
amazing sea dragons.

The many interactive exhibits at the aquarium will
help you lean the history of oceanography. By
taking a simulated trip in a deep water submersible,
you’ll learn the wonders and oddities of the deep
ocean, even though it may move a bit too slow for
smaller children. Children of all ages enjoy
the exhibits that illustrate how the ocean products
appear in every day items.

If you are planning to take pictures of the exhibits,
be aware of the glass and the reflections. If you
can, move in close (around a foot away) and set
your flash to a 45 degree angle. Make sure that
you don’t get too wrapped up in taking photo’s
inside the aquarium – as you may end up missing
the show going on outside.

If you are visiting La Jolla as a vacation or if
you live there, the Birch Aquarium is worth a
visit. There are some amazing exhibits here, with
something for everyone. You can spend hours and
hours here, making it one place you shouldn’t
hesitate to check out.


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