How geography of location influences its vegetation

Based in extreme North of India, Delhi is covered by states like Haryana and Punjab towards the north, west and south borders while towards the east it is covered by state, Uttar Pradesh. During the reign over Britishers, Delhi was considered as province of Punjab. The culture and history of Delhi are greatly borrowed from Punjab. As per the geographical significance there is Yamuna which flows here and other is Delhi Ridge. These two act s main source for vegetation in Delhi.

The territory of Delhi has approximately 1484 sq km of land that is mainly in the urban and rural areas with 783 and 700 sq km respectively. Speaking of the trees, this capital city ranks at third number while in population is 10th in whole world as per 1990. It was also acclaimed that this city emits 70% of air pollution which is mainly due to poisonous gas emission from vehicles. The vegetation in Delhi significantly comprises of flora which varies in specific sizes depending on geographical and topographical conditions of the location. Vegetation here is not crowded at one single destination and it never provides shades for any specific region since it is scattered all across the places.

Significance of studying topographical condition

In order to understand the numerous kinds of vegetation, you need basic knowledge on the topographical conditions of national capital. The significant kinds of topography that are present in Delhi are the plains, the Delhi Ridge and the Yamuna Floods. The vegetation here in this condition is very different and special. Rare and rich varieties of acacia and cactus plants grow on Delhi Ridge during the times of dry season. But when it rains, you would notice many herbaceous plants on the same ridge. The plains of the national capital have sufficient Shisham trees while the region of Yamuna Flood Plains has vegetation which is similar to the riverine type.

Herbs and trees grow at reasonable heights are segmented vegetation in Delhi. There are besides this, many other plants which are brilliantly colored. Weeds and grass are two vegetation kinds which are seen in surplus amount at the Yamuna river bank.

Kinds of Vegetation

National Capital’s semi-arid and arid regions witness growth of thorny scrubs. Delhi’s Ridge Forest is even segmented as the Tropical thorn forest as per the nomenclature which is followed by Seth and champion of 1968. If we look at the overall vegetation of the capital city, then Delhi is called the Northern Tropical Thorn Forest and some of the most common trees which can be found here are Cassia Fistula, SalvadoraPersica, Dhak which is also called Butea Monosperma, Modesta, Catechu, Leucophlea and Nilotica etc.

The vegetation of Delhi is such owing to its climatic conditions which is a significant contributor to the impeccable flora of the city. The climate of Delhi is humid and falls in category of sub-tropicalweather. The geographical location, topographical and climatic conditions give boost to the growth of vegetation here. Every season of Delhi contributes to the different kinds of flower and plant growth. A precise link between the geography of any place with its vegetation is mentioned at

The author of this article is an avid nature lover who loves to study topics like geography and how geography of any location contributes to that city’s vegetation. Through this article, the author has tried to establish link between the geography of Delhi plays significant role in nurturing the vegetation in Delhi.


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