Sociological Branding: The Next Frontier

Sociological branding is the next big idea taking the marketing world by storm. The branding profession is a dynamic one! Moreover it is a social science which means that there are no rights and wrongs, every theory or concept is just an opinion. This gives us a clutter of theories, each one linked in a way to the concept of branding.

However, what is missing in these concepts is “completeness”. Although their study would give you a good understanding of one aspect of how branding works, for a complete understanding of the branding process, you need to consider the importance of sociological branding.

The word sociological branding is a fusion of sociology and branding. Sociology at its very root is the study of human society. The organization, secularization and culture, play a very important part in any individual’s life. These have a profound impact on everything including buying behavior and the type of organizations the person connects with. Branding on the other hand is also about differentiating your product by giving it a persona – something that the users connect with.

According to Yahel Demeter from Demetrend, the differentiating factor is the understanding of sociology. It is only through an understanding of sociological branding that a person can understand the entire eco-system of branding, it’s function and interrelationships. Once we look at branding through the paradigm of sociology, a lot of confusion is swept aside and replaced by crystal clear clarity. Every branding professional ought to experience this magic that has the potential of taking their professional success to new heights.

For more information on sociological branding please visit the given link. Demetrend specializes in consulting for companies in building their brands successfuly by using its expertise in the field of sociology.


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