Dillard’s Transformational Theory of MLM Attraction Marketing

Author Mike Dillard of Magnetic Sponsoring fame, originated the concept of attraction marketing. His earnings in one seven day period exceeded $ 354,000. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that marketing professionals are eager to learn more about Dillard’s theory.

Fortunately, Dillard did not hide his light under a bushel, but decided to teach his business secrets to the network marketing world. As a result of his kind decision, the network marketing world began changing its approach and direction. Thanks to Dillard and his methods, more and more network marketers began using the Internet to build a downline…and they built it really fast.

Attraction marketing, as advocated by Dillard, turns conventional prospecting upside down by suggesting that situations should be created to bring prospects to you. By utilizing these methods, marketing professionals did succeed in having prospects seek them out. The once taxing and wearisome activity of marketing was entirely transformed by Dillard’s work and is today a worthwhile exercise.

A mentor is a must for all network marketers; and this mentor need not necessarily be someone from your upline. You can even access the services of an online mentor. To become a successful network marketer, you require to follow the advice of an expert. This is where attraction marketing comes into the picture.

There are network marketing experts who still encourage you to make a list of warm contacts and present your business plans to them; however, network marketers can achieve better results by using the Internet. You must remember that around one billion people from all over the world use the world wide web. Network marketers who belong to the old school are reluctant about using the Internet and the new strategies of network marketing. They do not understand that fortunes can be made by using Web 2.0. To become an expert in attraction marketing, you must learn to create top Internet content. The Internet is overflowing with innumerable marketing opportunities.

For example, a network marketing professional who can build an outstanding landing page probably has the ability to construct online tutorials, eBooks and videos. Thus he imparts considerable knowledge to his colleagues. Conveying your ideas may be done via a computer and MP3 file uploads to iTunes. Regardless of the breadth of your technological expertise, you still may encourage others by communicating through social media outlets. This exchange of information marks you as an expert.

And so we arrive at the core of attraction marketing: the experts are those who do and achieve. Instead of aggressively marketing your enterprise, establish yourself as an expert. The individuals who follow your advice will become part of your downline.

Regardless of the sort of organization you wish to create, Mike Dillard’s concepts incorporating use of the Internet and various social media, adapt readily.

Ellie Gant is the editor for Online MLM Secrets, a treasure trove of actionable information and resources for everybody who is working in an MLM Business. Check out the full-length, non-distributor review of Mike Dillard over at the website. During your visit, be sure to claim your free immediate access to Jonathan Budd’s 8 Day Mastermind Marketing Bootcamp, 100% free.

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