Industrial Autoclave in Chemical, Medical and Engineering Sector

Technically speaking, an autoclave is a ‘strong, pressurized, steam-heated vessel’. It is used for laboratory experiments, sterilizations and also for cooking. For instance, the ubiquitous pressure cooker that we use in our kitchens is an example of a domestic autoclave. On similar lines, an industrial autoclave would be one that is used in different types of industrial applications. This device is used in myriad operations that we shall learn about in this article.

Here are some commonly found applications wherein an industrial autoclave is used:

1. Chemical industry: This sector constantly needs to carry out various chemical reactions at high temperatures and also at high pressures. Hence, this device offers the sealed, pressurized and high-temperature ambience needed for such reactions. It is also used for manufacturing dyes.

2. Medical sector: One of the most commonly carried out processes in this industry is sterilization. Thus, device acts as a great apparatus for sterilizing various surgical instruments and other tools under high temperatures.

3. Engineering and civil engineering sector: In the construction industry, an autoclave plays an important role as it is used for curing freshly cast bricks and concrete slabs in high pressure steam. This gives the bricks and slabs unmatched strength and stability.

4. Waste treatment plant: These are used for the sterilization of pathogenic waste so as to prevent the outbreak of diseases. In such devices, the waste is actually ‘cooked’ at high temperature and pressure. This method is especially common in the treatment of biomass.

When it was invented in 1679, the autoclave wasn’t exactly as we know it today. It was a prototype that the inventor–Denis Papin–referred to as the ‘steam digester’. Today, a similar device is used for cooking and is commonly referred to as a pressure cooker. An industrial autoclave works with the combined strength of steam, pressure and heat. Hence, it saves a considerable amount of time and power when applied in different types of industrial uses. Today, this is considered to be the best way to get rid of harmful microorganisms. Similarly, it is also used for vulcanization of rubber.

While there is no debating the importance of an autoclave in our day-to-day lives, it needs to be noted that these devices are required to be doubly safe. Since these devices witness a high level of heat and steam build-up inside them, they need to be made in a very sturdy manner. They should not crack under pressure else it could lead to inadvertent accidents. Today, an industrial autoclave is available in varying sizes and, steam and temperature settings. You will find these devices ranging from a couple of inches to several feet. Hence, quality assurance remains to be one of the most critical aspects in the manufacturing process of these devices.

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