Climate Change to Reduce European Holidays to the Mediterranean

Climate changes directly affect tourism. Fewer people are booking flights from Europe to the Mediterranean because of these climate changes, which directly affects popular holiday spots like Majorca and Minorca. Environmental groups expect a steady decline in holiday travel via flights from Europe to the Mediterranean.

How Climate Changes Impact Tourism

People generally plan their holiday based on the temperature at their destination and when they can get the time off from work. Holiday makers have been visiting Majorca and Minorca for decades because of the picture-perfect beaches and perfect climate. Rising temperatures have a direct effect on tourism because travelers will rethink travel destinations based on the ideal temperature for the particular time of year.

Majorca and Minorca will be significantly impacted if holiday makers stop taking flights there from Europe. Over the last few decades these islands off of Spain have become dependent on tourism. The land is not ideal for agricultural use and there is little else that native residents of these islands can do to sustain themselves.

How Environmental Groups Expect Climate to Affect Air Travel

Some environmental groups see flights from Europe to the Mediterranean drastically dropping due to climate changes. A significant change in temperature leaves holidaymakers deciding if the Mediterranean is still the ideal place to be. Mediterranean beaches are too hot and ski trips are going downhill.

Additionally, the climate changes are forcing individuals, companies and environmental groups to look at ways to protect the ozone and participate in carbon offsetting methods. Car companies have already looked at how they make vehicles and ways they can reduce carbon emissions. Just as energy-efficient cars are a wave of the future, ways to offset carbon in the air from air travel are also being studied.

Unfortunately, at this time, there isn’t an environmentally safe way to travel by air and anyone interested in offsetting carbon emissions may change their holiday plans to make them more eco-friendly.

Environmental Groups Respond to Climate Changes

Environmental groups continually work to offset the carbon emitted into the air by international flights. Companies are encouraged to voluntarily offset their usage to balance carbon emissions. Simple ways to reduce emissions include planting trees and conserving energy. Other ideas for conserving energy and offsetting carbon emissions are to reduce flights and change methods for traveling.

Some environmental groups predict that Europeans will stop taking their holiday by flight because of the climate change. Not only has the environment at their destination changed, they are also further damaging the environment by flying overseas and emitting harmful carbon in the air. If airlines are forced to change their methods, if they don’t voluntarily conserve energy to offset carbon and create a balance then it is up to holiday makers to take a stand for the environment and stop supporting companies who continually emit carbon and endanger the environment.

An individual will not make a huge difference in making up for climate change. It is when people rally together and are encouraged by environmental groups whose purpose is to protect our planet and conserve energy that change can be made. Air charter companies may not willingly change unless they are forced by a large number of people boycotting overseas air travel.

Realizing the need for a change, some tourist industry companies are already organizing efforts to help offset the environmental impact of overseas flights. Major players are donating a percentage of their profits to eco-friendly endeavors and beseeching their patrons to donate as well, in the interest of humanity. They realize that their very existence is at stake as is the local economies where they now prosper. Rest assured, the problem is being looked at and addressed.

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