Latest Google’s Search Features and SEO

Google recently made two new improvements to its search engine. Google announced that it will utilize a new technology that allows it to better understand concepts and associations related to search terms. In addition to expanding related searches, Google Search will also start facilitating the use of longer search terms.

Anytime you search for something on Google, related searches are generated at the top or bottom of the page. With Google’s new changes, there will be a higher number of related searches generated. For example, Google stated that if you were to enter the search term, “principles of physics,” the search engine would generate related searches like “angular momentum,” “special relativity,” and “big bang.”

Google is also accommodating longer keywords. More and more search engine users today are using long queries when they conduct searches. It is common knowledge that long-tail keywords often convert better than short keywords and now Google is responding to that by facilitating the use of longer keywords to surfers and in the search engine optimization of your website. As a result of these changes, short keywords and keyword phrases are becoming much less effective than before.

What Google’s New Changes Mean for SEO Campaigns

Now more than ever it is important as an online business owner or webmaster to use long-tail keywords and long keyword phrases in your on site optimization. As for related searches, all webmasters and online business owners should focus on using a variety of thematically related keywords in order for their site to rank in Google for related searches. Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords are synonymous or otherwise related to your target keywords. Rather than optimizing the pages of your website keyword-centric, it is more effective to include a number of LSI keywords on each page.

The best way to find both longer keyword phrases and LSI keywords for seo is by using the free Google Adwords tool. We recommend it for keyword research since Google is the most popular search engine on the net and the tool gathers keywords from many sources. To find LSI and long keywords, simply search for your target terms and synonyms with the Google Adwords tool. You can also go into Google, enter your search term, and then take note of the URLs of the sites with the top rankings. Then you just have to enter those URLs into the Google Adwords tool and search for “Site-Related Keywords.” By doing so, you can generate thematically related keywords in your niche.

In conclusion, to properly optimize your website for best rankings keep track of the new changes Google continues to make to improve their intent-based search options. By utilizing long keywords and keyword phrases as well as more related search terms, you will put yourself strides ahead of the competition. Razor sharp focus on short keywords was once the most common method for improving a website’s ranking but now that Google is facilitating the use of longer keywords and related searches it’s more important than ever to diversify your keyword usage.

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