Reinvent Your Life: California Dreaming

Reinvention is the defining Californian theme. People flock to the Golden State to escape, to breathe, to redefine their lives. There is perhaps no better representation of reinvention than the cities in and around the Monterey Bay. The city that give the Bay is name has bounced back from a recession during the last part of the 20th century to become an academic center for Central California. Since the collapse of is fisheries, the city is now host of academic centers and research facilities. The chief facilities are the Monterey Aquarium and the Marine Mammal Center.

As students relocate to Monterey, the city swells with tourists and residents alike. The jewel of Central California, Monterey now counts approximately 30,000 residents as more and more students seek out prestigious postgraduate institutions. Among these institutions are the Naval School, CSU Monterey Bay, and the Oceanography Center.

The largest aquarium in North America, the Monterey Bay Aquarium is home to a host of researchers, marine biologists, and oceanographers. Regional scholars and researchers enjoy relatively quick and easy access to the deep ocean. In fact, the Monterey Canyon, the largest and deepest underwater canyon in the Pacific Ocean is located only a few miles out to sea.

Monterey is perhaps best known in popular culture for its contribution to cheese. To be sure, schools are one thing — cheese is another. The now-famous Monterey Jack cheese was first cultivated the local Franciscan friars in the 1880s. A local businessman, David Jack, marketed the cheese as Jack’s Cheese. The eventually became Monterey Jack cheese and lo and behold: reinvention.

The city boasts being the progenitors of many of California’s firsts: the first theater, first school, and first city. Visitors are encouraged to find a Monterey Bay hotel that fits their needs and encourages a long, reinventing stay. Once the capital of Spanish and Mexican California, the city now thrives not only on the aquarium and educational facilities, but also its rich historical legacy.

Choose a Monterey Bay hotel that can meet your needs for a long, long stay. People come and fail to plan for the wild reinvention that takes hold of visitors. The promise of California dreaming is the promise of reinvention.


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