What You Should Know About Manifesting Meditations

Manifesting meditations is a part of the theory of the Law of attraction. The Phrase “Law of attraction” was first used in the Colorado Gold rush as the NY Times described the wagon trains headed west in 1879. Since that time, the theory has seen several rises and falls.

The law of attraction attempts to take scientific theories and apply them to life. It uses theories from chemistry and physics to try to explain the activities of the brain. In particular, the law of attraction tries to use these theories to explain how the brain waves can be changed to help persons to have better success in life.

The suggestion of the method is that everyone is able to bring order to their own little world through their thoughts. At times we may be unsuccessful at the process of ordering our own world because the negative energy we give off attracts too much negative around us. The method teaches that by changing the negative thought patterns to positive thought patterns a person can change his life from negative to positive. If you think like a wealthy person you will become wealthy.

The theories of quantum physics teach us that the universe is made of energy. Einstein’s theory has helped us to understand this. If the frequency or amplitude of energy is changed there is a different result. In quantum mechanics, we can study the relationship of matter and energy. Energy fields that are like are attracted to one another. These ideas themselves are backed with evidence from science.

The jump to the laws of abundance and attraction theory, attempts to apply these physical laws to people. According to those who adhere to this way of thinking, if you put out thoughts of wealth instead of poverty, you will become wealthy instead of poor.

The Law of attraction also tries to use laws from chemistry that tell us that matter is not created or destroyed and make application to life.

One place that you will want to watch the thinking of attraction theory is that it claims the theory has been scientifically proven. According to the Scientific Method, nothing is ever known for sure, but there is evidence that backs the theories of Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics and Chemistry. However, the Scientific Method has not been applied to the Law of Attraction and there is little to no scientific proof that it exists.

Positive attitudes can make big differences, especially in matters of health, but are no guarantee that people will gain wealth. In fact, there are people that are negative that have wealth and positive people that do not. Additionally, some poor people may have more happiness than persons that have a large amount of wealth. In fact, they do not have to worry about many of the problems of the more wealthy.

Manifest meditations are an attempt to change the brain waves from negative into positive by listening to tapes with subliminal messages. Unfortunately, there has never been any proof that this method has any effect on brain waves.

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* According to this theory, nothing really happens in physical world. Physical world is just a manifestation of the our consciousness. It seems that ancient Indian yogis have always known this. They have always believed in supreme consciousness which runs cosmos.

Quantum physics and consciousness Quantum physics and consciousness
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