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For those of us who had to endure the hardships posed upon the students by the Geography subject, you know that essay writing based on this line of study was not the best experience one could go through. In fact, I had to burn the midnight oil on various occasions. Good grades were not always a guarantee, but with experience and the dedication put into this work by use students, working as a team gradually gave way. We actually ‘invented’ our very own unique strategies in making sure that we always scored high in this area. I have discussed a few of these tactics here just to enable those still experiencing difficulties to move out of the nutshell, just like we did.
The ultimate goal for each student is to get high grades. Geography essays can give you those good grades; that is if you abide to the simple guidelines. First, there is always a case study. Geography examiners want to see if you really understand what you are doing; something that is brought to light by how well you expose your understanding of the case study. Whenever I had to write my essay, I had to make sure that I got the facts right. Geography involves locations; if you are talking about a capital city, make sure that you put a name to it to show that you really did study this particular place. You should also remember to engage the examiner right at the beginning of the essay by putting down an intriguing introduction.

There are also theories that generally act as a guide to any serious geographer. While writing our essays, we want to relate what is happening on the ground by going in-depth and unraveling whatever is going on there. At the same time, we want to correlate our findings to the guiding theories. This can be done in two ways. We can either dispute the coherence of our findings with the guiding theories, or confirm a relationship on these theories. This can only be done by defending our argument with clear facts and relevant statistics.

Finally, you have to appreciate the fact that you are not yet a renowned genius who spits volumes on top of volumes of facts without relying on anybody’s work. You should show where you have gathered you resources from by clearly citing your sources in the essay. The most commonly used citation style would be MLA style paper where you include a few details on the source; just to give credit to the owners of these works.

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