Bangalore Hotels: Check out 6 top Attractions of the Garden City

If you are losing interest in your life, then a holiday is what your body is yearning for! Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, south India, is a fast-paced ultramodern city that serves as an unearthly getaway for some fun, frolic and excitement in your life. By boarding the Delhi to Bangalore flights, you can land in this so-called ‘garden city’ and check out all its attractions before slipping into the luxurious Bangalore hotels. This article digs out more information for you.

Bangalore, the country’s Silicon Valley, and the home of high-rise malls and webbed flyovers is one of the most modern cities in the world. However, despite its great infrastructure and modern makeover, it has the essence of being an Indian city which is clearly reflected through its traditional bazaars, deep-rooted culture, historical palaces, monuments and stream of Hindu temples. For a holiday lover, there can be nothing better than to catch the Delhi to Bangalore flights and hop on to this part of the world to get awed and mesmerized by its beauty and landscape.

Here are some of the top attractions of the place:

i. Lal Bagh: Though the hospitable Bangalore hotels may make you want to lie in its snuggly rooms all day, it would be better if you just brush off the lethargy and head for some sightseeing. The famous Lal Bagh should be your fist stop. It is a somber and peace-evoking garden which will surely animate a student of botany. The countless number of species of flowers can certainly give you a deep insight into the life of plants. Plus, the fact that some flowers are over a century old will surely keep you excited even if botany is your least-preferred subject. It is ideal to visit this garden under the evening light after Mr. Sun has done his daytime duty. Also, check out the flower shows which are held quite often.

ii. Mysore Palace: Mysore Palace is a grand palace that has been styled after a variety of architecture including Gothic art. However, you will need to travel a bit since Mysore Palace is situated outside the main city in the town of Mysore.

iii. Wonder La: Wonder La is an amusement park but one of the best in the country. It houses some of the most adventurous and thrilling rides and water games that will take your breath away.

iv. Bull and ISKCON temple: For those who are looking for a slice of spiritualism, Bangalore presents to you the famed Bull Temple and the reverent ISKCON temple of Lord Krishna.

v. Cubbon Park: Like Lal Bagh, Cubbon Park is another open expanse of greenery. However, instead of limiting itself to a flower park, it has opened corners for children and houses a theatre and a toy train.

vi. Bannerghatta National Park: The tickets for Delhi to Bangalore flights are also meant for those who would like to take a closer look at the life of our jungle friends as you trod into the territory of leopards, elephants and bison in the famous Bannerghatta National Park.

The city promises much more including giant malls, tasty cuisines, palaces and great Bangalore hotels. Your trip can be an unforgettable one.

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