Blending Various Food Types Properly Will Usually Bring About Supreme Healthiness

There is in excess of 33% of the adult population, which comes to over 70 million people, who are ingesting various and numerous “over-the-counter” and medically prescribed medications for all types of digestive system conditions, disorders, afflictions and the consistent gut pain that accompanies them. There are some serious health problems in this nation, as a whole, and those problems are being spread globally.

The despair felt by the majority of people occurs when they actually follow the diet plans that are touted and generated by the health professionals. These are the very diets that the health industry considers to be the best diets. Even so, an increasing portion of affected people continue to have digestive system difficulties. For this very reason many folks will turn to drugs, medical surgical procedures or even resorting, in desperation, to extremely dull and bland foods. They feel like the alternative is simply to continue suffering.

There is a system that was developed for all of the above reasons and especially to help defray the humongous cost (around $ 42 BILLION dollars), that is flushed down the commode, for all of those diet medications every year.

This simple eating system is designed to dramatically diminish the acid pH amount in a person’s entire body — not only in the belly. It does so by increasing the ratio of alkaline forming foods consumed and by showing you how to combine foods in a way that radically decreases the amount of acid digestive juices in the gut and small intestines essential to break down foods. With me so far? Hope so, as this is vital material.

One of the primary components of the Great Taste No Pain System is the knowledge of food combining, which was first introduced into the US in 1911 by Dr. William Hay, a New York doctor who used it to heal his Bright’s Disease, a kidney disorder which was often fatal at that time. In actual fact, among many thousands of lives it claimed was Teddy Roosevelt’s first wife, who died of Bright’s Disease at barely 22 years of age.

If you have a simple, basic understanding of Secondary school chemistry, you can easily understand how this science works. Here’s how it works: When you mix foods that need alkaline type digestive enzymes with foods that have to have acid digestive enzymes to break them down, this slows down and more often than not, actually stops the digestive process. It will often slow down or delay digestion for as many as, or more than 10 hours at a time. This is outlandishly bad for the entire body. This system eliminates this very problem and causes food to move quickly through the digestive system, allowing the food nutrients to easily be absorbed at a much more rapid rate.

There is a manual in the system that is called, “Foods That Create Acid, Foods that Take It Away.” This one manual and its concept make the system as simple and easily understood as anything I’ve ever read before. All it takes is for a person to follow the guidelines in this manual and their body will naturally use the very minimum of energy for the digestive process, thereby preserving most of the energy for the healing process and for other functions of the body.

This set of guides is fortunately very timely because our society is addicted to processed foods, partly for convenience, partly out of necessity. Our contemporary cultures actually present many more challenges than were present in the early part of the 20th Century, when the original parts of this system were beginning to be developed.

Great Taste No Pain author, Sherry Brescia, was a previous Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) target herself. In fact, in 1991, she spent 7 days in the hospital with bacterial colitis.

Ms. Brescia’s occupation is that of a Chief Underwriter and health insurance researcher and, as such, researching the benefits of an alkaline-balanced body system was right along her lines of interest and she spent 15 years perfecting this system that she very appropriately named Great Taste, No Pain.

She has successfully intertwined the numerous proven philosophies that help to alkalize the body. She has been able to conceive and write this easy to understand and use system which should be simple enough for anyone to use, regardless of where they may live or what their food alternatives may be.

What I Like:

Taste: Unlike most restrictive diets, Great Taste No Pain can?t actually be labeled a diet, as it enables you to eat even great volumes of luscious, delicious food so long as you combine it as outlined by a few simple rules. It honestly involves a minimum of self-control. Perhaps the greatest news for folks who love to eat is that the 176 page recipe book in the system is full of breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks that are unbelievably scrumptious. No rabbit chow. Gourmet all the way, yet the meals (if you want to cook) only take between 15 and 30 minutes of prep time and make tons of yummy leftovers. So you can toss away the assumption that you can’t eat healthy on a super-busy schedule.

Speed: What’s impressive about this system is that you won’t be bored by having to read 300 or more pages of filler before you get to the important parts. In the very first guide (How To End Stomach Pain Forever, Even If Your MD Says “No Way) you get a quick rundown about the science of food combining and then quickly move on to the actual “how to do this” sections. It’s not long and drawn out either. It’s step-by-step and I really liked that about it.

Simplicity: The second Guide in the GTNP System is ‘What To Eat With What.’ This is a massive compilation. Every kind of food that you could possibly put in your mouth is listed, with the corresponding foods that combine with it for straightforward relaxed digestion, and those foods that don’t. This guide is so complete and really easy to follow, if you screw this up, it’s back to pre-school for you.

More Simplicity: Traveling is the one thing that may ruin even the healthiest eaters. But in Great Taste No Pain, Sherry provides a ‘Pocket Guide For Pain-Free Dining Out.’ This application is phenomenal. One might store this tiny baby along with your credit cards and, until you grasp what combines with what, all you should do is pull out your pocket guide and quickly observe the rule, so you can eat and take pleasure in the remainder of your day, pain-free.

Guess what?! You can actually eat at McDonald’s and you won’t have to suffer from all that gasiness and have reflux symptoms. That’s right, you CAN do this! Awesome or what?

Meat: You know, people who suffer from digestive issues usually don’t tolerate meat well on a daily basis. This is why they have daily stomach pain. Well, the problem is really not about the meat but rather what is eaten along with the meat.

It is for this reason that all of the guides in the program list all of the foods that can possibly be combined with various meats in order to avoid the pain and suffering. Most people can now find that it is possible to eat fish, beef, chicken, turkey, pork and venison without problems and they can eat all they want. And those veggies that usually tend to wreak havoc in the stomach, like lettuce, broccoli and cucumbers…, they won’t give you anymore problems. Don’t you just love that? I know I do!!

Fruits: Horror stories abound about people who suffer from digestive or stomach problems. For some reason, fruits, which are deemed the perfect food, cause tremendous difficulties in digestive system sufferers and thus, they have a tendency to avoid them at all costs. This is no longer necessary. By using the GTNP system, you’ll be taught the reasons fruit cause such discomfort and, more importantly, you’ll discover how you can actually put a change to all that. You’ll no longer have a problem eating fruits and you can eat as much of them as you want. Yes, it’s true!

Don’t worry about not being able to understand each and every “guide” in the GTNP system because they are written very simply and put in language similar to the “For Idiots…” series of books. They are very clearly written. Even, as Ms. Brescia claims, “even an 11 year old can teach this, ” I really love this about the system!

Things To Watch For:

The one thing you need to be careful of is that once you begin eating as approved in Great Taste No Pain, you may suddenly begin to feel all powerful. You could begin to think you might be “cured” of your digestive evils since they went away so fast and since you have a great deal of additional energy. That would be a mistake.

There is actually no technical “cure” for most digestive problems and the reason is that they are not technically treated as diseases at all. Simply put, they are merely maladies that occur because people eat the wrong food combinations. So, it would be wrong to believe that these principles presented in Great Taste, No Pain are cures. You see, people who have a sensitivity in their stomach will, unfortunately, always have those sensitivities. However, by using the GTNP system you have a way to make those annoying and painful symptoms disappear forever and provide you with a tremendous amount of energy.

As an example let us pretend (maybe not so much pretending for some people) that you have acquired a bad case of Crohn’s Disease or even Diverticulitis. The painful symptoms that make you so miserable can be treated easily and quickly with the methods from GTNP.

Let us now move forward one year. You’ve now decided that, since you no longer have the burning gut and other symptoms, you’ve been “cured.” You then begin to eat the same way you did before GTNP and can you guess what happens next? Right…all your symptoms return, this time with a vengeance from hell. You see those GTNP principles are very sound ones and are based on research and practical experience. They work for everyone. However, if a person does not have any symptoms for a long time and then begins to have a belief that they are cured, they might want to seriously think again. If the principles of the system are ignored and the person resists them, those symptoms are guaranteed to return and be much worse. See, good health is a result of a lifestyle that is also healthy. It’s not a simple matter of “do this one thing, one time and you’ll be cured forever.” It’s imperative that a person who does GTNP, stays with the program.

Another thing you might want to be ready for is that as Great Taste No Pain cleanses your digestive tract, at the start you possibly can get a bit of diarrhea. If you experience constipation on a fairly recurring basis, you might get a little “looseness” in the beginning, but it’s going to end soon.

Also, because of the detoxing occurring, you may get a runny nose or get some other cold-like symptoms at first. It’s nothing to fret about. If you do, while it may not be enjoyable, it does mean it’s working. It means your body is becoming purer and the toxins are departing. And that is an excellent thing.


What amazed me when I started using the system, was the amount of energy I experienced, not only during the day but also late into the evening. I felt no bloating or discomfort at all and I felt not urge to eat again in an hour. I also had no urgent need to have caffeine after my meals.

Professionally and personally, my solid suggestion is that for anyone who wants more energy, sounder and longer sleep, migraine headaches to stop rapidly, pain from gastritis and acid reflux to stop almost immediately, plus the pain of digestive problems to stop or be reduced dramatically get this system now and get the whole system. You are going to be thrilled.

And frankly, it won’t take an entire day for most people to feel a significant difference in their bodies. Often it only takes one meal. After you have been following it for a week or more, feel free to let me know how you like it. I personally trust that anyone who adopts this easy, gratifying food combining approach will gather massive health benefits.

The alkaline content helps gradual loss of weight. The normal pH balance is 7.35 more of alkaline and less acid. Healthy eating habits include eating plenty of vegetables. Stomach Pain Bloating After Eating

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