Organic Produce Versus Non-organic Produce

The interest of organic foods and non-organic foods has been widely criticized by a number of food critics around the world. Some food critics agree on the many benefits that organic foods offer to the public while some are unsure as to where they stand on the subject of comparing organic and non-organic food products. The debate over this two food types has been open to the consuming public and many are now aware of the pros and cons of organic and non-organic food products, thereby affecting their purchasing preferences.

On the subject of food, many consumers nowadays are looking for ways to have a healthy lifestyle and one of their alternatives is to buy organic produce. What makes organic food products appealing to consumers is the way these are grown and processed in order to become what we eat in our tables. Organic produce foods are naturally grown, no chemicals like pesticides and fertilizers were used during the plant’s growth thus making it as natural as possible.

Comparing organic and non-organic foods have made everyone aware of the advantage and disadvantage of organic and non-organic foods and here are more information that may be useful to know.

On the nutrient content of organic foods, these foods are more nutritious and have higher amounts of vitamins and minerals, as to non-organic foods, during its process, some of the nutrients are stripped away, thus lesser amounts of vitamins and minerals retains in the foods.

Pesticides and fertilizers are not used in organic produce foods, but these are grown with organic compost out of animal manure and from peelings of some fruits. As to non-organic produce, these plants are induced with chemical pesticides and fertilizers thus may leave some harmful residues behind the food produced in this way.

Herbicides in organic produce farming uses only crop rotation and hand weeding while in foods produced non-organically, they make use of chemical herbicides to defend its plants from insects and other weeds that deters its growth and development, leaving toxic chemicals behind which is harmful to the body once consumed.

Animal farming has also its differences when it comes to the way animals are grown and bred. In organic farming, instances when animals gets sick they are given homeopathic medicine, but once these animals are induced with antibiotics, certificate of organic farming of farmers are cancelled. As for livestock, animals in organic farming are released outside for sufficient exposure to sunlight but they are also herded back indoors. As for non-organic farming, the animals are injected with antibiotics to boost their immune system to protect them from diseases and viruses, livestock animals on the other hand are always caged and cannot roam outdoors.

Hormonal injections in organic farming are prohibited but in non-organic farming, animals are injected with it to grow rapidly and to have greater amounts of milk and meat production.

Environmental effects of the use of organic and non-organic produce greatly differs, organic farming is environmental friendly and has no or only minimal effect to the outside world whereas non-organic farming has adverse effects to other plants, animals, land, air, water and humans as well.

More advantages and disadvantages can be compared to the consumption of organic produce and non-organic produce. And healthy lifestyle can be done when we always practice organic means of living.

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