The Cause of Anxiety Attacks in The World of Today


Are there causes of anxiety attacks? In today’s world anxiety disorders many times may be the most common mental illness. In the United States 40 million (18.1%) of the adult population is affected. These numbers are on the increase all over the world, demanding immediate attention. Even though studies are usually made only on adults (over 18 years old), this disorder affects all age groups.

We all blame it on stress, too much work load or other over pressuring day to day activities. However, the scientists have found out the cause of anxiety attacks are:

Brian Biochemistry or chemical imbalance

There are two primary neurotransmitters; serotonin and dopamine, that affect a person’s feeling. Any imbalance of these chemicals can provoke a cause of anxiety attacks expressed through feeling depressed or sad.


Anxiety disorders are also inherited as they tend to run in the family, thus passing it on from one’s mother/father to the son/daughter or any other close relative. The structure of the brain and its process are inherited in totality and that can be another reason why people with chemical imbalance can pass on the anxiety disorder thus, being the cause of anxiety attacks. Also growing up as a child in an abusive home, where the family expressed anxiety and violence constantly can be the cause of anxiety attacks.

Fight or Flight Mechanism

When we sense danger, the body prepares itself to either fight or run away. This is known as fight or flight mechanism. This mechanism is triggered mostly by a part of the brain called Amygdale. Sometimes the brain misunderstands the message and a situation and translated it as dangerous when it is not in reality. This can be a cause of anxiety attacks.
The symptoms are very real and frightening. Thus, convincing us that something is wrong and we get scared and untrusting. The flight or fight failure, the scientists say, is the main cause of panic attacks.

Along with the various medications, the scientists also have discovered the possibility to reserve these symptoms now, with the modern science and technology. Now, all we need to do is to learn to recognize these symptoms and consult the doctor as soon as possible. As any other disorder or illness, treated in time, it can be almost always treated successfully.

Be aware of your body and recognize when is giving you the wrong symptoms. Make sure you consult your Doctor as you never want to rely on your own diagnosis. Your doctor may see or know something that you never thought of. Build your knowledge base and learn some techniques that will help you to stop your anxiety attacks dead in its tracks. You may want to try a book and audio that I have used. You can find a link at the top of my web site “A Guide to Eliminate Stress and Anxiety”.

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