Get an insight into advanced Geography studies at the Cambridge Summer School

If you want to learn new and particular things or just go deep within a subject you would study, you can choose a summer school. The Cambridge Summer School UK provides a wide variety of courses you can choose from and make sure you get to learn a lot of interesting and useful information. The maximum class size is of 10 students, so this makes the tutors much more available to discuss each matter in detail with the students. They would also be able to answer all of your questions.

When you choose to study Geography at Cambridge University Summer School, this means two weeks of not only intense study at university level, but also many interesting activities with the best tutors. They will engage into debates and discussions with you and your peers in order to help widen your horizons regarding present day geographical issues.

As geography is based on various disciplines, your curriculum will also include natural and environmental studies, arts and social sciences such as politics. All in a geographical context, of course. Research allows students to learn and discover things by themselves, thus making the information easier to understand for each of them.

Seminars, tutorials, workshops and debates are the way the Geography program at Cambridge University Summer School makes sure every student gets all the information right and understands it, so that they can fully benefit from the course. Another purpose of this kind of activities is to challenge students to think by themselves and question the matters they are being taught. This way, they will develop their critical thinking which is vital for their further studies and research.

A typical day during the course will include lectures and discussions after breakfast, a tutorial and a workshop or excursion in the afternoon and social events during the evening. This way you can have a full experience of the life in the Cambridge University campus.

Extracurricular activities are also important, as students need recreational activities. They may consist of punting afternoons down the River Cam, formal dining in the medieval banquet halls, or daily trips. This way, you can study and have fun at the same time, while exploring the surrounding areas. You can also go on a trip to Oxford, so that you can compare the two rival universities.

The courses at Cambridge Summer School UK are due 9th – 22nd August 2015, and participants must be age 15 to 18 at the time. Of course, they are expected to speak English fluently or mid-fluently.

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