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When you visit Cyprus, don’t just go to the main cities and coastal resorts. Get geography maps of Cyprus and explore the countryside. You will find fragrant citrus orchards of oranges, lemons and pomellos (the grapefruit originated from the pomello) olive groves, rolling vineyards, wide open plains carpeted with colourful wild flowers in spring time, to cool pine forests and pristine beaches where turtles nest, Cyprus’ nature is a delight at all times of year. Cyprus property for sale in the countryside will give you a taste of the authentic island and you can still find a Cyprus holiday beach villa away from the main resort areas.

Geography maps of Cyprus help to discover age-old villages hidden in the hillsides with shady squares where you can sit at the coffee shop and mix with the locals. You can spend time at one of the salt lakes where you can observe nature and wildlife these are especially spectacular in spring when the migratory birds stop at Larnaca and the salt lakes become a sea of pink flamingos. Visit some of Europe’s most evocative ancient sites, Neolithic settlements and quaint medieval churches, Cyprus offers the full Mediterranean experience in a compact area in easy reach.

In the countryside there are olive groves and orchards leading up into the pine forest of the mountains which have wonderful views over the plains, and there will often be a centuries old monastery on the peak. There are picturesque villages, with cobbled streets and preserved stone and adobe houses, giving a glimpse of rural life in Cyprus. When searching for Cyprus property for sale, geography maps Cyprus help you discover locations that are off the beaten track, whilst a Cyprus holiday beach villa is a dream for many people others may prefer living in a village, where the resorts seem as if they are on another planet – when in fact when you fancy a night out or a trip to the beach they are just a short drive away.

Geography maps of Cyprus show that the island has more to offer than just the sand and sea package holidays, although with well over 300 days a year of sunshine it is perfect for these. Religious history for example shows East meets West in Larnaca as both Christianity and Islam have revered religious sites here, with the mosque of Hala Sultan Tekke, an important Moslem place of pilgrimage, and the church of St Lazarus, whom Jesus resurrected from the dead.

You can have a back-to-basics lifestyle staying in or even purchasing one of the beautifully renovated traditional houses from which you can explore the countryside. The Akamas peninsula is an area of natural wilderness with a dramatic coast and sandy coves, and this is one of the last Mediterranean nesting grounds for the green and loggerhead turtles on the sandy beaches of Lara Bay.

So as you can see geography maps of Cyprus will uncover the individuality of this great island and your experience will expose you to the hospitable and friendly locals which will complete the adventure.

Kate Deas-Smith recommends finding Cyprus property for sale off the beaten track with geography maps of Cyprus.


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