Make Mathematics Enjoyable!

Mathematics generally spells trouble for most kids. Learning the formula and applying it successfully during the examination does not come easily to everyone. In fact most of them tend to make silly mistakes due to sheer nervousness. This is one subject that can’t be mugged up. Teaching mathematics properly is also not an easy task at all. You have to clearly teach the basic concepts so that your students can score well in their examinations.

So how can you make mathematics interesting? Most people would say that this is an impossible feat. But there are a few ways to make it enjoyable, such as:

1.First of all you should take the age of your students into consideration. You have to match your teaching methods with their learning ability. Students of lower classes will take more time to grasp certain things whereas pupils of higher classes might be able to solve the sums quickly.
2.You must also take into account that there will be some slow learners who will require repeated explanations about certain topics which are tough to understand.

3.While explaining a particular problem sum, make sure that you relate the problems to real life situations. In this way, students will be able to picture the problem in their minds and solve it faster. It has been proved that relating numbers to real life incidents is helpful in solving problems. If you are teaching in lower classes, you can also teach maths using stories.

4.Give them homework on a regular basis but don’t put too much pressure at once. You can give them mental sums assignments that will help to sharpen their memory.

5.Try to introduce some students to fun and interesting games involving mathematics. There are various board games based on mathematics available nowadays.

6. It is important to give feedback along with grades. Feedback should be given to the students directly rather than telling their parents. Of course, you should talk to parents about their child’s progress, but your student too should know about the areas of improvement.

7.Occasionally, form groups amongst your students and give them projects to do. Students will be more productive when they are helping each other.

As you go on teaching this subject, you will be able to come up with your own ideas about how to make it enjoyable. These are not rules or tried and tested methods so you are welcome to improvise. Teaching mathematics needs flair and skill and if you possess a bit of both, you will definitely go a long way in this profession.

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