What Is The Future Of Green Energy?

Being green today isn’t just a choice that can make you feel good. It can also help us in the future. Here’s a look at green energy, why we need it, and what we can really expect out of it. The more we know, the easier it is to make smart choices that are really good for our environment.

Sustainable, or “green” energy is designed to meet our present needs without preventing future people from meeting theirs. Some people say that fossil fuels aren’t an option if we really want to be sustainable, while others allow us to include these fuels to help us transition to better choices. Some also say that use of energy sources that aren’t likely to run out while the human race still exists can be included in the definition of “green” or “sustainable.”

While there may be some disagreement about whether some energy sources are sustainable or green, there are others which there is general consensus on like wind power, solar energy, geothermal power, tidal energy and biofuels. Most would also agree that technologies which are able to improve the efficiency of existing energy technologies should also be considered to be green energy after a fashion.

Nuclear energy is one source which is arguably sustainable, although few would consider it to be truly “green” given the issues with waste disposal in nations which don’t use breeder reactors (including the US). There are also those who have doubts that the planet’s deposits of uranium will hold out forever. Whether or not nuclear power is sustainable or green is something everyone has their own opinion on.

The two pillars of sustainable energy are usually defined as energy efficiency and renewable energy. These two methods can help us reduce our reliance on fuels that won’t last, and cut down on the overall amount of energy we need. Since the amount of power available from sustainable and renewable sources is limited, becoming more efficient is a must.

Moving towards a more sustainable energy model means we’ll need to do more than just change where our energy comes from. We also have to change how we use it and reduce the amount used to deliver vital services and goods. Fortunately, being green also helps us save money. There are many different options, as well. The benefits of becoming greener about our energy use are huge.

Green energy requires careful planning and well thought out decisions, just as any other energy source does. There are some green energy sources which are certainly renewable, but are either not as efficient as some of the alternatives or may cause problems of their own. For example, there’s biodiesel fuels. Many of these fuels are made from soybeans or corn – and of course, there’s a limit to how much of these crops we can grow and the industrialized agriculture that would be needed for large scale biodiesel production isn’t the best thing for the local ecosystem either.

What should you do if you’re trying to do your part by using more green, renewable energy? Make sure to do your own research and get the facts; don’t listen to the hype, no matter where it’s coming from and you’ll be able to make a well informed decision which benefits the world not only today, but in the future.

About the author: Jerry Dyess has been specializing in the Commercial Energy market segment for the past 7 years. He has published many articles on Business Electric prices.

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Sustainable (green)

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