5 ways a teacher can help students with mathematics

Mastering in the subject like mathematics is essential to choose a successful career. We all know that due to cut throat competitions, every child has to appear for entrance examinations sooner or later. And in every competition, math i.e. the quantitative aptitude has a huge value. For pursuing varied career choices, students have to deal with mathematics. Here’s how you can help your students master in math.

1. Teach them to write numbers correctly
Most of the errors (nearly 25%) while solving mathematics occur due to the sloppy handwriting. There may be several reasons behind this, like the fear from math, disinterest, lengthy and complex procedures, lack of concentration etc. But, these problems will be minimized automatically when the unwanted errors caused due to writing will be diminished. Help your students overcome with this problem.

2. Provide instant help whenever in need
Do not hesitate to help your students as many times they get stuck up while solving a problem or in understanding a concept. This may require patience. Give them proper support and back up whenever required. Math is based on the trail of studies that have been taught previously. So, do not forget to build a strong foundation for mathematics.

3. Teach them to do mathematics “in their mind”
If you can make a child learn to do basic math practice mentally, most of their difficulties would be reduced. Teach them how to do mental arithmetic by edifying them with tricks and shortcuts that will enhance their calculation speed with accurate results.

4. Explain how to handle homework
Mathematics requires lot of practice to become a perfectionist. Homework should never be taken as a burden. It reinforces the lessons that have been learnt in the class and so does not allow losing track. Make your student realize that the more they practice, the more will they score in examinations. But yes, time management is equally important and other subjects cannot be ignored.

5. Let them understand the language of mathematics
Math is based on formulas and terminology for every specific topic. Unless the student is thoroughly aware about the terms and vocabulary used in the subject, he/she will never be able to apply the right logic at the right place. Here, it is your responsibility as a teacher to let them learn and apply the correct mathematical language.

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