Idaho Real Estate – A Better Quality of Life

A mountainous state, Idaho has become a popular destination for families and outdoor enthusiast. If you’re considering Idaho, here’s a primer on the state and Idaho real estate.


For backpackers, river enthusiasts and rock climbers, Idaho is frequent destination. With a mountainous profile, the state is a haven for river rafting, fishing, rock climbing and pretty much any outdoor activity. In addition, the state has a relatively small population and prices are reasonable compared to many more well known states.


Located in southwestern Idaho, Boise is the city with the small town feel. A virtual secret for years, the city is gaining notoriety and residents after continually being ranked as one of the ideal small cities in the United States by numerous publications. Home to Boise State University, Boise is a modern city with a small town feel. Tired of high real estate prices, Californians in particular have been relocating to the city. Of course, this means prices are going up, but it also tells you the city is worth your consideration.

Idaho Falls

The falls have been dammed up, but the city of Idaho Falls is a popular relocation spot for outdoor enthusiasts. The city is located within an hour or so of both Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park. Frankly, it is hard to tell since the geography is more or less the same as in the parks.

Although it is a launching spot for the outdoors, Idaho Falls is a pretty sleepy city. If you need a strong and vibrant nightlife, Boise may be a better choice.

Idaho Real Estate

Idaho real estate is reasonably priced as of October 2005, but prices are starting to appreciate. In particular, Boise is seeing an influx of out of staters as evidenced by the booming real estate businesses claiming to be “relocation experts.”

Overall, single family residences can be had for the low 0,000s throughout the state. Boise prices are starting to march north of that figure and the overall state appreciation rate is in the 12 percent range. For a very good quality of life, these aren’t bad figures at all.


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