Pain is NOT Your Problem!”-A Missoula Chiropractor Says Pain is Only A Symptom!

by szpako

Chiropractic patients commonly seek out care for an ache or pain. Understandable isn’t it? Patients believe that as soon as their pain is gone, they will be better. The irony is patients do not actually come in because of pain. People in pain become patients when pain starts to prevent them from activities they love to do. Pain becomes a motivator to take action so they can return to a certain quality of life. The wellness revolution is in full swing. As we gain a stronger understanding of human potential we see a tremendous capacity for longevity and the expression of vibrant life. Scientists have discovered isolated populations of people that live extremely long lives without any evidence of disease (120-150 years). Most people will spend more money on their “health” in the last two weeks of their life than they do their entire lives!Dr. Eric Plasker said it best, “Many people spend the first 50 years of their lives ignoring their health while they accumulate wealth, only to spend the next 50 years losing their wealth to buy back their health. Knowing that your longevity potential is 100 years gives you an opportunity to place your health at the top of your value scale.”

Does anybody really want to manage pain? As a society and a human being, wouldn’t we rather understand: 1.Why the pain is there 2. How to fix it at the least amount of cost so that it does not return? Of course! Drugs and surgery are not the answer and Americans are finally starting to see the light. That boat is sinking. For too long the medical community has left people with three choices 1. live with the pain and do nothing 2. Take medication to reduce pain but risk side-effects 3. The last is surgery which can have a high failure rate depending on location. Who wants to bet on those odds? The intent of this article is to identify how the differences in philosophy between medicine and chiropractic have a dramatic effect on outcome. Often medicine “misses the forrest for the trees.” When we look at the metaphysics of medicine vs chiropractic, we discover a vastly different nature of reality. Medicine utilizes a reductionistic model of health. The goal is to break the body down into its parts to be able to understand the whole. For example, they study cells, organs, tissues, biochemistry, physiology, etc… Each is its own branch of science. When a patient comes to a medical doctor with a symptom, the doctor runs tests to see if the body is producing something in excess or if it is deficient. The most common solution is to control the biochemistry with a pharmaceutical drug or perform surgery with the ultimate goal of normalizing the body.

According to the chiropractic model of health care, the body is a self-healing and self-regulating “organism.” We are more than the sum of our collective parts. Our cells, organs, tissues, and emotions work together dynamically to create a complex thriving being. We cannot be reduced to a double blind randomized control trial. The paradagm ignores the essence of our existence and dominance on the food chain. We have the capability of complex thought and emotions. We belong in a holilstic model of health because our the nature of holism is founded in the dynamic interaction of the three facets of the human creature. These include structure (cells, organs, bones, muscle, tissues, nervous system), biochemistry (chemical reactions within the body, the food we eat and air we breathe) and emotions (thoughts, stressors and “self-talk” which include the 2500 words per minute running through our brains that tell us who we are and what we are capable of). One system or facet of health cannot be considered without taking into account its effect on the other systems. Each system depends vitality of the other. When all systems are firing synergistically, the body thrives.

What happens when one of the three branches of human health becomes stressed (structure, chemistry or emotions)? Do you think it has a direct affect on another system? Absolutely! An EMPHATIC YES! Is it possible that emotional stress in the body can have a deleterious effect on the body and compromise the structure of the musculoskeletal system? You bet! Often this manifests as pain. The medical profession puts a band-aid on the pain metaphorically. They cover up said pain with anti-inflammatory pills, pain killers and life numbing, life robbing drugs. The root of the problem was emotional stress however for this example! The drugs yank the batteries out of the smoke detector and make the patient believe nothing is wrong! Meanwhile, the house is still on fire! Any surprise why the pain keeps returning? The diagnosis was blown! The emotional stress was the real cause of the problem. Do emotions affect biochemistry in the body? Has anyone ever made you so mad that it felt like your blood was boiling? Does this raise your blood pressure? SURE! If an individual lives in a chronic state of emotional overdrive, is it likely they will have high blood pressure? YES!

It is the fundamental answer to the confusion associated with chronic pain and it is the title of the article. Pain is NOT your problem! It is not! Pain is an invaluable protective mechanism. It is a symptom which functions to prevent further damage from occurring in the body. Pain only makes up 10% of the nervous system. The majority of the nervous system operates silently and thanklessly. When the health of the body is threatened, pain is there to warn us to “listen up!” Society demands productivity, it is no secret. We have been methodically trained to ignore pain. We learned from an early age that pain equals weakness. Our mothers, fathers, teachers, preachers, coaches and big pharmacy told us to “suck it up, walk it off, be tough, don’t rub it, take an aspirin etc…”

Here is a little secret, *whisper* we were LIED to! Who told us to question the origin of our aches and pains? We were never taught to be sensory acute to our bodies. At this point you might believe aches and pains normally appear out of the blue sky. Absolutely not! They only seem like random occurrences for the externally driven person. The external person is the eternal victim. This is the “why me” type of person; the person who blames bad luck, bad germs and bad genes on their circumstances and their health. The way we feel on the outside is a mirror image of what is happening to us on the inside. Aches and pains are warning signals. They are progressive sirens that will get louder and louder the longer you ignore them. We should train our kids to appreciate what pain means and to value the role of the nervous system in the body so they grow up to be internally driven. This would help to eliminate the problem of chronic and unexplainable pain. When you start living internally and taking action towards your own health, we better comprehend how everything in life is an outcome of our efforts and investment. Positive or negative. If you are a person suffering from chronic pain, I will guarantee that you have been poorly educated in regards to a proper diet, effective exercise routine and the impact that emotions have on physical health. Or you might struggle with implementation. You have likely never taken much responsibility for your own health. You have never recognized the root of your problems because you have lived externally up until today and nobody told you. Because I care about you so much and you deserve to express life optimally, start challenging yourself now. Take massive action!

Your pain is the wake-up call demanding that you change your life and take control. As you work to isolate the “why,” you will be forced to change your environment and your behavior. In doing so, your understanding of health will expand and it will never be able to contract to its original size. You cannot unring a bell! You become a stronger and more internally driven person the more you choose to embrace the process. This creates knowledge. Knowledge plus experience equals personal power!

Chiropractic care is an investment in your health. Choosing wellness care over sick and symptom based care is a proactive and preventative action. You can now see how there is no need to wait for the engine to smoke to change the oil in your car. When you consciously shift your paradigm of health and break free from your outdated belief systems which no longer serve you, this is extraordinary action! This is applaudable because it is such a massive shift in thinking. If you join a gym, does the membership card come with 6 pack abs and a tight toned butt? Do they guarantee lower blood pressure for paying your monthly dues? Of course not! A spectacular body and great health take an investment on your part of sweat and participation. You must show up to reap the benefits. You need to put in the work, just like life! You can either be the “observed” or the “observer” and on the inside or the outside. The observed lived consciously and internally. Every practice member within Transformation Chiropractic pays cash for their care. They understand and appreciate that paying for their care is an investment just like training in the gym. People under my care choose to live optimally. They appreciate that life long wellness is a decision. Nobody is forcing them to choose health and vitality. They are educated on the benefits of chiropractic care for prevention. Transformation Chiropractic patients enjoy the journey of wellness. They understand that “wellness” is not a state they can race to. There is no point where you have “made it” because a pinnacle does not exist. There is only one absolute destination in life and that is death. How we choose to utilize the iterim is our human potential. By holding ourselves accountable to the process of achieving this potential, we live internally and practice free will!

Dr. Shaun Stuto is a missoula wellness chiropractor and owner/founder of Transformation Chiropractic. Transformation Chiropractic is a chiropractic wellness center in downtown Missoula, Montana. Visit our site today and learn more about how you can start creating a life of abundant health.


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