Choosing A New Home For Your Tropical Fish, Saltwater Fish, Coral And Invertebrate

All it takes is one glance and the carefree motion of flapping fins entrances us. Fish silently add beauty to every environment and ask for a lot less in comparison to other pets. Of course, choosing the right aquarium in a market flooded with products is enough to make you dizzy. Factoring in location, available space, and base support will make introducing aquatic life into your home a breeze.

Choosing a location before you buy an aquarium increases the likelihood of purchasing one that’s the right fit. Aquariums are heavy and fragile. It’s a good idea not to lug them around while you decide where the aquarium will look its best. When selecting the tank’s location, consider the aesthetics of your environment. Will your aquarium easily be seen? Would it compete for attention with other décor, or be complemented by it?

Selecting a location is not all aesthetics. Avoid direct sunlight and airy drafts that can affect your tank’s temperature. Save some extra “breathing room” around the aquarium for maintenance and cleaning. For safety’s sake, you should also keep the aquarium clear of high traffic areas. After deciding on a location, carefully measure the space to determine how much aquarium can fit into it. Great Danes are wonderful dogs, but they are not so great in studio apartments. This same theory applies to aquariums. With your location in mind and measurements in hand, you are ready to purchase an aquarium. You are certain to find several that will fit comfortably into your space.

Water chemistry and temperature are best stabilized in larger volumes of water, so it’s best to get the largest tank that your space and budget will allow. However, do not select an aquarium by water volume alone. Surface area is also a critical factor to consider. A tall twenty-gallon tank is very different from a short one that is twenty gallons. Taller tanks may take up less space, but they do not have the surface area relative to the water volume. This results in a low rate of gas exchange that is unhealthy for fish. Twenty to thirty-gallon tanks are ideal for those new to keeping fish and they allow for a nice selection of fish.

Aquariums come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are constructed of either glass or acrylic. Glass tanks are less expensive and are easier to clean. By nature, they are also more apt to crack and break. Glass aquariums were once only available in rectangular shapes that are still popular today. They also now come in octagon and hexagon models. Acrylic aquariums, on the other hand, offer more shapes and sizes than their glass counterparts. The strength of the acrylic also allows the material to flex upon impact rather than break. Acrylic aquarium owners can boast of a clearer tank and one that is easier to lift, which may offset their aggravation from the tank’s tendency to scratch. (These scratches can be buffed out with scratch-remover kits.) Many acrylic tanks come equipped with covers and fluorescent fixtures, something that you would normally purchase with your aquarium. Glass tanks, while less expensive, typically are not packaged with cover. Consider this when doing price comparisons.

You’ve got the perfect aquarium in sight and accessories in your shopping cart, but your purchase is still incomplete. On what will your tank sit? Too many new aquarium owners (and some naïve experienced ones) mistake household furniture for tank stands. A modest twenty-gallon tank weighs over two hundred pounds once it is filled with water. If your table or bookstand is not sturdy enough for a football player to sit on, then it is certainly not enough support for an aquarium? Support for your aquarium also differs according to its construction. For glass aquariums, choose a stand that supports the outside of the aquarium. Acrylic tanks require full support along the bottom, so choose accordingly. With support in place for your new aquarium, you have everything you need to start making a home for your new aquatic friends.

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The moment you are in pursuit of your happiness, unknowingly you have started a crime ,in the sense see your personal happiness is this way I am pursuing my happiness this way both of us come and meet here head on, initially out of your culture, education you will tell me please get off my path I will not, then gently you will push me, I will not go, then you will shove me I will not go then you will want me to disappear ,what method you want to employ I do not know but you want me to disappear . Anything that stands in the way of your happiness you want it to disappear Yes or No ?

Suppose right now you are a joyful by your nature not because of anything then you would do only whats needed in the world nothing more nothing less there would be no excess in the world isn’t it and when you are joyful do I have to say thou shall not kill this person thou shall not rob this person thou shall not harm this person Do you need teaching I’m asking you do you need teaching all the nonsense in the world is expression of human misery isn’t it is now. instead of studying of humanity we try and fix it with morality and its not worked and its not worked 100% it has not worked, people have just learnt how to pretend yes? even if the turmoil is going on with in them they have learnt to carry a smile on their face . This is going to kill them . The smile that doesn’t come from Joy is going to be a killer for you in so many ways . If the plant is well nourished flowers will Blossom you want to pull flowers out of a plant you will end up with plastic flowers.You must Fix this. How? Once you ask how, there is a method. There is whole Science and technology to create inner well being.

. suppose you lost your peace today, what happensfirst dose always your family gets it. You go home and Yell at somebody if it continues tomorrow you may pick up quarrel with your neighbour to know if it continues tomorrow you will yell at Somebody on the street if it continues tomorrow you will go to your office and you’ll yell your boss where it will have serious consequences for you. The moment you yell at your boss everybody knows you need medical help when you yell at your family that everybody thought it is normal. So if you go to your doctor initially he tries to talk you out of it usually doesn’t work. So he throws a pill into you . A Pill means what a certain amount of chemicals if these chemicals in to you . You do become peaceful at least for short duration. If it did not work at all, all these millions of people won’t be popping it. It does work in a limited or in other words What U call as peace is a certain kind of chemistry What U call as joy is another kind of chemistry, What U call as ecstasy is another kind of chemistry, What U call as agony is one kind of chemistry. Now we’re talking about a technology with which you can create the right kind of chemistry once you create a blissful chemistry within yourself now you’re Blissful by your own nature There is enough Medical and Scientific evidence in the world to show you that only when you are in a state of pleasantness your body and mind works at its best .

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Jaggi Vasudev, commonly known as Sadhguru, is an Indian yogi, mystic, philanthropist and author. He founded the Isha Foundation, a non-profit organisation which offers yoga programs around the world, including India, United States, Great Britain, Lebanon, Singapore, Canada, Malaysia, Uganda, China, Nepal and Australia. The Foundation is also involved in various social and community development activities, which have resulted in the Foundation being granted special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.
Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. An arresting blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and work serves as a reminder that yoga is a contemporary science, vitally relevant to our times.

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