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Many people love Astronomy. Many of these are men of science studied by train who study it by trade. Others are merely hobbyists who enjoy it. Hobbyists have even made many amazing discoveries. In the old days it was the job of telescopes. Astronomy software makes it possible study the stars and other phenomena without them. Here are some of the programs available.

One popular application is SETI@Home. Launched in May of 1999 this was a project to create a virtual supercomputer, made up of large numbers of Internet connected home computers. SETI, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, scanned through space with a radio telescope seeking intelligent patterns. Scientists used supercomputers to go through all the data collected. But now all that computing power is distributed online. No red light will flash if intelligent life is located. But if SETI ever does find intelligence, then everyone who was part of SETI@Home can say they played a role.

A 3-D screen saver is another type of astronomy software. These programs kick in when a PC is idle, and show various space objects rendered in spectacular 3D computer graphics. This can include simple views as well as navigable planets, solar systems or other objects that the user can explore from any angle and distance. Try a handy search engine to find one of these programs.

F.I.T.S is something not many people have heard of. It’s Flexible Image Transport System, which is a NASA and IAU endorsed format to store and deliver not only images but spacial data and multi-dimensional arrays such as 2-D and 3-D images. There are a variety of programs that can read and display this type of data. These include freeware and software for sale. A web search will find many more. Duke’s physics website lists many more.

Amateur astronomers can even find help with imperfect telescopes. By comparing the image seen through the telescope with the image displayed in the software, the user can make adjustments to gain the best possible view of these vastly distant objects.

These are only a small sample of the astronomy software available. Download some and have fun.

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