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The Weather Channel is easily the premier weather station. First introduced in 1982, The Weather Channel was all weather all the time. Since then it is the leader in bringing the weather forecast for your local community and around the world 24 hours a day. Today The Weather Channel is much more than just forecasts. There are programs about natural disasters, storm chasers and even the weather classroom where you can learn about the weather and how it works

The Weather Channel is based on the need for people to know what the weather hold for them. Since its inception, The Weather Channel has been innovative in their delivery of the local and national weather. Just like the original format, The Weather Channel shows local weather on the 8’s and also gives forecasts for surrounding local areas and national weather for those traveling.

The Weather Channel is also a dominant force in online weather forecasting. No matter what you are looking for that is weather related, it is covered on The Weather Channel’s website. There are weather forecasts from all over the world as well as vacation planners, hurricane informational segments, historical weather events and even monthly forecasts. is the premier source of everything weather on the Internet. The website is easy to use and updated by the minute. There are radars available for every region that are accessible with a click and there are even live cameras set up all over the world so that the user can take a peak at the conditions through their own eyes. is a great informational website all about weather.

The Weather Channel is without a doubt the leader in delivering the news on weather. The Weather Channel has been professional and equipped with the right technology since they first aired over twenty years ago and The Weather Channel shows no signs of slowing down. Where else can you get weather forecasts for your local and global areas of interest in one place? As meteorology continues to grow, there is no doubt that The Weather Channel will be expanding and growing with this science in order to bring the most accurate and up to date weather forecasts available.


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