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The environmental impacts and threats to human life are a result of our mismanagement of natural resources. Science and technology has really improved human life though, but the consequences of having to deal with the problem of global warming and pollution continues to pose a serious problem for man. Hence, the needs for sustainable products that counter the adverse effects of environmental degradation are an important trend. Sustainable design products and also having green products and having more companies contributing to sustain this ideology through the diversion of the manufacturing processes to include green products more in circulation, is a philosophy that needs to be pursued very ardently.

What are sustainable products? The term is commonly referred to as green products that assist are created sensitively with regards to the natural environment. Put more simply, enduring and healthy the whole idea is about having an environmental friendly and healthy environment which is inclusive of the entire life cycle system. While procuring extraction of naturally occurring raw materials from either the soil or aquatic body, by either production and manufacturing process and also the final disposal of such products is hinged at activities that directly affects the environment. Sustainable products consider the entire supply chain from raw materials to final product. Sustainable products are made with full transparency. Green products this is the area where man has continued to experience problems associated with not having green products as a result of not following the green product philosophy. Sustainable products therefore is the exclusive preserve and privilege of a green product company who is vested with the responsibility of the technical know how to be able to come up with sustainable design products that will not harm the environment. Another example of a green products company that reflects the new economy of green design is EKOenergy.

EKO energy is an internationally recognized organization from Finland. Their aims and objectives is to venture into the business of renewable energy. And they have receiving support from the European community. . Globally, there has been a clarion call from various sectors of economic life to help assist maintain and sustain an environment void of pollution and degradation as a result of human activities. This can be done through the manufacturing of sustainable products while focusing on sustainable design products.

Green products are environmentally friendly and we can only archive a good and healthy environment only when green products are readily available in large quantities by more green products company in the world we will benefit mankind and the planet.

We need companies and, governments and individuals to put more focus on healthy eco-systems and sustainable design. Are natural resources are threatened. Air, Water and Food sources are threatened. Sustainable products are only sustainable if the natural resources are sustainably managed. The trend towards green products and more sustainable design integrated in our communities is positive change that will benefit our society.

At bambu we are committed to offer eco-friendly bamboo kitchenware, cutlery and tableware. As a company we bring our experience to creating natural, beautiful and functional products.

Sustainable (green)

Onyx and Green Sustainable Rayon Leaf and Jute Backpack (MINT)
Stylish Backpack made with Rayon Leaf and Jute Sustainable Fabric….

Woolly Pocket Island Tina w/Reservoir (works indoors and outdoors) (Color: Black) Garden (Modular, Sustainable, Eco, Green) Planter
Create a splish-splash of colorful life anywhere, even in the tiniest of spaces. Their unique design is a perfect addition for you…

Green Building Illustrated
“Green Building Illustrated is a must-read for students and professionals in the building industry.  The combination of incredi…

Boston International Luv2Pak 10-Count Empire State Grey Manhattan Sustainable Paper Gift Bags, Large (LP58440609)
Manhattan paper gift bags are a perennial favorite that is both recyclable and biodegradable. Simple yet sophisticated in design, …

Hand-crafted, natural wood drop (or dangle) earrings. Unique and one-of-a-kind. Original design. Hand made using a sustainable and green-friendly, exotic wood, For pierced ears.
Drop (or dangle) earrings, hand-crafted of a sustainable and non-threatened variety of wood. Each design is original and since the…

Sustainable (green)

* Investor Town Hall Show interviews qualitative economist Dr. Woodrow Clark II discussing his new book, “Smart Green Cities” co-authored with Grant Cooke.

Conversations on sustainability cities, corporate sustainability, green cities and green cities of the futures, hydrogen fuel cars. How livestock and hogs contribute to 300 more times the methane compare to human-produced carbon dioxide.

What is a smart sustainable city?

Woody explains what opportunities for investors come from this Green Industrial Revolution and Intelligent Infrastructure.

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Sustainable Cities, Sustainable Cities, “Smart Green Cities” book author Woody Clark II PH.D. on Investor Town Hall
Sustainable (green)

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