Human Genome Project For Lung Cancer

The human genome project was started to map the human genome right until the nucleotide level and then identify all the human genes. The genome of human beings is the human genome. A Genome is a full set of chromosomes. Studying this genome can result in a lot of findings that can be applied to cure diseases. One of the primary beneficiaries of this is that the biological changes due to any disease in the genome can be found out and hence therapy can be formulated to battle against cancer due to results from the human genome project for lung cancer.

A study which was the human genome Project for lung cancer was recently conducted by a group of international scientists to study the underlying effects on genes when you have lung cancer. They were effectively trying to map the genetic changes to the lung cancer. The results of this study indicate the presence of a number of undiscovered genes in the lung cancer cells. Apart from this the scientists discovered a critical gene alteration. This provides more targets for therapy. Apart from the increased potential to formulate new strategies for therapy, this increases the knowledge of the biology of lung cancer and thus will be able to answer the question ” how does lung cancer begin? “. It has served to find the missing pieces of the puzzle and this research is beneficial for other types of cancers too. This is because the findings from this series of tests indicate a general procedure that should be followed for other types of cancer as well.

It is known that lung cancer arises from changes in the DNA that accrue throughout a person’s life. Hence studying the human genes and mapping the changes to lung cancer allows the researchers to find out the specific changes that occur in the genes that contribute to lung cancer. It is because of the lack of this knowledge that researchers are not able to find better treatment for cancer. The Human Genome Project for Lung Cancer attempts to bridge this divide and thus make discoveries that can be translated to effective therapy for lung cancer patients. The study conducted by these international scientists has managed to pinpoint the exact gene that regulates the activity of cancer cells. This is a huge step towards understanding the genetic alterations and the effect it has on the cancer. The key goal is to identify vulnerabilities in the cancer cells so that it can be taken advantage of while trying to remove cancer cells from the body. This is possible only by learning as much as possible about the cancer by pinpointing specific genetic changes in the lung. This helps in the drug formulations. With the knowledge that only a select group of cells control cancerous growth, drugs can formulated to specifically target those group of cells hence making the drug extremely effective in removing cancer cells.

This study was just a pilot project for the bigger study to follow. The next Human Genome Project for lung cancer study will try to unearth all the possible genetic causes of lung cancer. The results expected from the next project are expected to be comprehensive and to enhance the knowledge about the genetic causes of lung cancer. It can increase the number of general facts on lung cancer.

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