Have You Tried All The Traditional Vacation Spots? Visit Antarctica!

Its unlike anything you’ve experienced before. It is so unlike those standard beach destinations or even world cities such as Paris, Rome or London. It may surprise you to learn, that this frigid, icy, land that lacks sunlight, has been a popular destination for many individuals in recent years. The frozen continent of Antarctica is not a place that many of us ever think of, and young children know only as much about it as they have learned about in textbooks.

Tourists can fly from New York to Buenos Aires or the city of Ushuaia. This is in Teirra del Fuego, Argentina and is the most southern city on the planet. Once reaching this destination and following a couple days of local sight seeing and orientation, travelers will board an Argentine Navy transport following a tugboat and an ice breaker to sail across the Drake Passage for exciting travel and amazing adventure. The Drake Passage, which is the 600 mile stretch of water between South America and Antarctica, is quite a rigorous challenge.

The earliest seamen who had survived the passage were allowed to put one foot on the table after dinner was done. A trip through the Antarctic Circle made it possible for the seaman to put both of this feet on the table. Sailors still celebrate with this tradition.

Once you make it to Antarctica you don’t have to limit your experience to feeding a penguin or carving your initials into an iceberg. You’ll stop at a few US and Argentine science centers. You’ll see current experiments involving meteorology, glacial and marine biology and earth movement, among others. You’ll find the people living at these stations to be knowledgeable and very friendly.

What’s more, if you’re part of this unique tour, you can actually participate in actual studies of you’re own. From geology to marine biology, you can gain valuable first hand experience in a place like no other. For example, visitors can see that one cubic foot of water from the Antarctic actually contains more life than any other space As a member of this tour, you can take daily trips by foot or by boat, then come back and sleep in the comfort of the ship. Remember that during the winter here in the States Antarctica is enjoying their fine summer season. During these summer months, Antarctica enjoys some relatively warm weather. It can get up to approximately 30 degrees above zero, with strong and cool winds. As for the winter, you will be experiencing some extreme cold weather conditions. But have no fear, tourists braving the winter weather are provided with parkas, hats and other winter gear.

You’ll also be able to see sea leopards and elephant seals. The elephant seals can weigh up to two and a half tons each. This area has some amazing area to see, including whale graveyards. Tour guides strongly urge tourists not to bring the whale vertebrae back as trip memorabilia because of stiff overweight charges on return flights.

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