Perils Of Global Warming

Understanding the Global Warming

A course of increase occurring in earths surface and atmosphere are referred as global warming. Over the last century, research have proven that global temperature has increased by one degree Fahrenheit. Industrial age have paved way to the increase of carbon dioxide and build up of other greenhouse gassess in the atmosphere.This trigger a deliberate warming in the planet.

Reasons behind it…

Carbon emissions – Carbon dioxide traps the heat of the sun on the globe, much like a veritable balloon filled with warm air. On an average day, humans add to the atmospheric level of carbon dioxide in several ways, from power plants to vehicles. Air pollution from industrial plants is increasing at an alarming level despite steps taken to enforce environmentally friendly practices.

Deforestation – Deforestation is another aspect of global warming. Deforestation is viewed as the primary driver of the increased in carbon dioxide in the environment. Human activities expanded to the extent of destruction of rainforest. With lesser trees to absorb CO2, global warming prevails and challenges the existence of humanity.

The dire consequences

Weather patterns – Drought is a state of inadequacy of water supply in a given place. Most harmful consequence brought by drought is starvation. As farmlands are destroyed by drought, crop yields declined. This results to famine in less developed and undeveloped countries.On the contrary, drought may results to stronger rains,severe floods and even hurricanes and tsunamis.

Health – Air pollution is a very convenient tool to spread diseases. Polluted air makes it easy to impair and destroy a persons respiratory system. Nowadays, young generations were victims of air borne diseases, allergies and fatal diseases such as malaria, cholera and dengue fever.

Adverse effects on wildlife – Every now and then, it’s not surprising to hear the extinction of our wildlife. How can we expect these little creatures to survive if we are destroying their habitat to pursue and satisfy our need for an industrialized lifestyle? We invented technology to make our life easier at the expense of these creatures’ survival. When are we going to recognize our mistakes?

What measures you can take?

Curb pollution factor – Fighting any forms and faces of pollution will definitely make a change. Global warming can be stopped and mother earth will be rescued. We are the creator of this technology and should be aware of its negative features. We have to act now and start working for a healthy environment. We have to work on using more alternative energy sources from solar power, wind power that are considered as clean energy sources.

Legal compulsions – Governing bodies started to act to solve this problem by passing some laws that will evaluate the creation of machines and its adverse effects to nature. These laws aim to protect our ecology and environment and continue to preserve on what is left after the destruction. In addition to this, local governments created programs designed to promote awareness to people about renewable energy sources.

Make it YOUR problem. – Energy conservation should be addressed in a right way. Reduce your energy bills by opting for little changes such as fluorescent lights and environmentally friendly refrigerators. Make an effort in every little way you can to sustain the planet for future generations. Let us embrace sustainable development.

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